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Employment law attorney Glenn Solomon explains that the overwhelming majority of working Americans are employed "at-will". They are hired - and can be fired - at their employer's will. Solomon provides details on the four exceptions to the at-will rule, your rights under the current system and an alternative to the at-will rule that protects the rights of both workers and employers.

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YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE: How to Involve Others to Get Things Done

We all need to involve others to accomplish tasks and achieve our goals, but all too often involving others seems like more trouble than it's worth. You Don't Have to Do It Alone is the Swiss Army Knife of involvement - a comprehensive set of tools for getting the help you need. The authors lay out a straightforward plan for involving others to get things done, detailing a five-step process.

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THE COMPROMISE TRAP: How to Thrive at Work Without Selling Your Soul

Healthy compromise is necessary for accomplishing any meaningful goal with other people. But when your job presses you to betray your word, your principles, or other important commitments, it becomes profoundly unhealthy and deeply stressful. When you feel pressured to play by rules that undermine your integrity, Elizabeth Doty shows how you can tap into six personal foundations that will allow you to stay true to your deepest values and aspirations.

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SMART VIDEOCONFERENCING: New Habits for Virtual Meetings

The author offers dozens of solid, easy-to-implement tips and real-life examples showing how to integrate videoconferencing into your business communications, look and sound your best while on camera, express yourself effectively, make videoconference equipment your friend, and more!


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MANAGING INFORMATION STRATEGICALLY: Increasing Your Company's Competitiveness and Efficiency  

  Provides a proven implementation framework for companies of all 
  sizes which demonstrates the strategic and financial aspects of
  information technology. Explains how information systems can be
  used for strategic purposes in addition to technological ones such as
  data processing. Features a significant amount of examples and case
  studies of successful and unsuccessful information management
  tactics. Illustrates how companies can effectively use the data that
  information systems provide. 

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CREATING YOUR OWN FUTURE: How to Master the 12 Critical
Factors of Unlimited Success

Create Your Own Future is a powerful book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. Intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life, the book offers twelve principles for success and real-world action plans that help you reach your goals. Author Brian Tracy is one of the most renowned and successful self-help authors and speakers in the world; Create Your Own Future presents all his accumulated experience in making success happen for others. Now, it can make success happen for you.

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: $34.95
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Cool Down: Getting Further by Going Slower

Before you check your wireless e-mail for the fourth time this hour, ask yourself, is this truly helping you get further ahead? Or is the pressure to address the immediate actually pushing you backwards?

Cool Down takes a look at our innate and powerful addiction to high-speed activity, and shows how it is robbing us of the ability to think creatively and to connect with others (clients, colleagues, managers, and even family) just when we need to the most.

Cool Down offers a provocative look at the value of slowing down in many aspects of our lives and demonstrates clearly that to get further ahead, faster, people do actually need to cool down. It's not about doing less; it's about achieving more by slowing down. Cool Down highlights the harmful effects of speed on productivity and reveals the value of slow in helping us to think clearly and prioritize more effectively.

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THE 12 FACTORS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS: Discover, Develop and   
 Leverage Your Strengths

  "Kevin Hogan is a thinker-and a doer. He has a devoted following that
  lives by his wisdom. His latest book on achievement is not optional. If 
  you are looking to climb the success ladder, Kevin Hogan's book will be
  there for you at every rung of the journey-to-teach you, to support
  you, and to encourage you to achieve your dreams."   
  -Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

  "One of the most intelligent and genuinely thoughtful books written on 
  the subject of success"
  - Mark Joyner, futurist, and # bestselling author of Simpleology

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THE NO COMPLAINING RULE: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work
Negativity in the workplace costs businesses billions of dollars and  impacts the morale, productivity and health of individuals and teams. "In The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work, Jon Gordon, a bestselling author, consultant and speaker, shares an enlightening story that demonstrates how you can conquer negativity and inspire others to adopt a positive attitude." Based on one company’s successful No Complaining Rule, the powerful principles and actionable plan are practical and easy-to-follow, making this book an ideal read for managers, team leaders and anyone interested in generating positive energy.

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on the Journey to the Top

Real world executives reveal how their early experiences have helped them become the best in business, and beyond. Based on more than 50 interviews with some of today's top corporate executives and leaders from all walks of life, this book offers key lessons for those looking to achieve success in today's world of business, nonprofits, and government.

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: $22.95
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CONFESSIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: 15 Instincts that Will Help You Get There

"As usual, Aylward and Moore have created a path that helps the reader identify and develop critical instincts, behaviors that not only create energy around business life, but can make personal lives richer and more rewarding."
-Kenneth Keymer, CEO and President, VICORP Restaurants

"However you define your corner office, this book helps you develop the instincts you need to build deeper relationships and be more successful both personally and professionally."
-Andy Andrews, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Traveler's Gift

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