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A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity

A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity

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This ground-breaking classic debuted as the first practical guide to integrating risk management, business continuity management, and corporate governance. It is written by two world-renowned pioneers who have served on the British Standards Institution (BSI) team creating a British and international standard for risk management. Here they bring you a distillation of their global experience in 50 countries in helping organizations across numerous industries integrate the evolving disciplines of risk management and business continuity. They share plentiful case studies and best practices, cover a wide range of challenges, including supply chain disruptions, media and brand attack, chemical and biological threats, etc., and provide instructions for designing/executing team exercises with role playing to rehearse possible business disruption scenarios.
Auditing Business Continuity: Global Best Practices

Auditing Business Continuity: Global Best Practices

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As renowned business continuity consultant and author Andrew Hiles observes in his preface to this practical handbook, "Around 85% of Business Continuity Plans fail when first tested. Put simply, these plans show fundamental flaws that would have been prevented recovery from taking place within the required timescale. Over 50% of Business Continuity Plans are never tested. This means that those flaws have not been exposed and the plans will almost certainly fail to deliver timely recovery. It is therefore crucial to businesses that their plans are subject to stringent review. Commended to all who are serious about the topic.
Business Continuity and Risk Management: Essentials of Organizational Resilience

Business Continuity and Risk Management: Essentials of Organizational Resilience

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For risk managers who want to get a better understanding of business continuity, this book is the most current, global guide on how to integrate these two disciplines in a holistic approach to enterprise resiliency. Dr. Kurt J. Engeman, editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management, and Douglas M. Henderson, a BC consultant for 20 years, offer a comprehensive survey of the field: ten chapters cover fundamental principles and practices of business continuity, four chapters provide a statistical foundation in Risk Modeling, and two chapters emphasize implications for IT operations. The book includes global best practices, review questions, examples, and two continuing case studies that provide practice in applying chapter principles to a service company and a manufacturer. Instructor Resources are available for corporate training programs. Endorsed by the Business Continuity Institute and named 2013 Book of the Year by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics. For more information
RIGHT RELATIONSHIP: Building a Whole Earth Economy

RIGHT RELATIONSHIP: Building a Whole Earth Economy

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Back Cover: Our current economic system - which assumes endless growth and limitless potential wealth - flies in the face of the fact that the earth's life-support capacity is finite. The result is increasing destruction of the natural world and growing, sometimes lethal, tension between rich and poor. Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver use the core Quaker principle of "right relationship" - respecting the integrity, resilience, and beauty of human and natural communities - as the foundation for a new economic model. Right Relationship poses five basic questions: What is an economy for? How does it work? How big is too big? What's Fair? And how can it best be governed? They propose new answers that combine an acute awareness of ecological limits with a fundamental focus on fairness and a concern with the spiritual, as well as material, well-being of the human race. And they outline what each of us can do to enable life's commonwealth.
The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace: The Bottom Line Value of Emotional Continuity Management

The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace: The Bottom Line Value of Emotional Continuity Management

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BEWARE: Ignoring emotions in the workplace is high-risk corporate behavior. This ground-breaking new book makes the business case to C-Suite Executives that the human emotion factor can have a calculable, direct impact on the fiscal bottom line. The book presents a tested system for managing the emotional culture of any organization and quantifying the financial risks of not doing so. Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell, who has been called to do onsite counseling of victims of 9/11, Katrina, and other major disasters, creates the term “emotional tornado” to describe the cumulative effect of escalating, emotionally-charged human energy as it develops a life of its own. If ignored or mismanaged, such a “tornado” is capable of producing a swath of emotional and financial disruption across an entire company. Lyndon Bird, Technical Director, Business Continuity Institute, emphasizes: “This book will persuade organizations to look more closely at a commonly overlooked subject. It demonstrates that Emotional Continuity Management is not a ‘soft’ issue. It makes a compelling case that relates directly to cost and increased risk and ranks high as a new topic for Business Continuity and Risk Management practitioners to master.” For more information



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