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Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance Program

Build a foundation to understand insurance accounting and finance!

You will gain an understanding of practices, principles, and procedures used to prepare insurer financial statements to comply with the requirements of the NAIC and other regulatory bodies. This understanding benefits not only those who prepare these statements but also those who use information contained in these statements for management or assessment of insurer performance.

Required Courses:

AIAF 111 - Statutory Accounting for Property and Liability Insurers

AIAF 112 - Insurance Information Systems

CPCU 520 - Insurance Operations, Regulation, and Statutory Accounting

CPCU 540 - Finance for Risk Management and Insurance Professionals

Course Sequence: This program presumes certain knowledge. If you have limited or noncurrent exposure to GAAP you should consider first taking CPCU 540 - Finance for Risk Management and Insurance Professionals before taking the AIAF courses.

Exam Type:
AIAF 111/112: Eighty-five computer-administered, objective (multiple-choice) questions. Time allotted: 2 hours.

CPCU 520 and 540: computer-administered essay. Time allotted: 3 hours.



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