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Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

Keep pace with information
The transition from the era of centrally controlled data processing to the era of empowered users and worldwide networks created a technology knowledge gap for many insurance business professionals and IT professionals. Managers can no longer delegate all information processing decisions to technical staff. Understanding the IT environment has become essential to success in business. More than ever, technical IT staff requires knowledge of the business processes they serve.

Whether you are an IT professional seeking to better understand insurance business processes or an insurance professional seeking to grow your technology knowledge, AIT can help you manage technological growth while you advance your career.

Required Courses
The AIT program replaced the Associate in Automation Management (AAM) Program. There are two ways to earn an AIT designation: (1) you may complete AIT 131, AIT 132, and AIT 134 or (2) you may use either or both previously completed parts of AAM 131 and AAM 132 along with the current AIT 134.

The following courses are required to earn the AIT designation:

AIT 131 - Essentials of Information Technology

AIT 132 - Insurance Uses of Technology

AIT 134 - The Strategic Management of Information

Course sequence: It is best to take AIT 131 first.

Course waiver information:
*If you passed the AAM 131 exam, AIT 131 is waived.
*If you passed the AAM 132 exam, the AIT 132 is waived.
*If you hold the Associate in Insurance Data Management (AIDM) or the Certified Insurance Data Manager (CIDM) designation, the AIT 131 exam is waived.



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