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Q&A Interviews


ERM often is described as a journey. Since organizations pursue different missions through diverse objectives, no two journeys are exactly alike. Explore this series of RIMS interviews to discover how these successful risk professionals accelerate their ERM journeys to protect and create value for their respective organizations.

Jana Utter of Centene discusses ORSA, M&As, and the tools and techniques that have helped her mature ERM at a Fortune 50 company. Read more.

There’s no bureaucracy like government bureaucracy, making major government agencies ripe for a centralized approach to risk management.Read more​​ about how Dr. Karen Hardy has approached this challenge in her federal government career.

AAIC’s ERM program has come a long way under Lorie Graham’s leadership. The current CRO started from scratch and is now tackling tricky emerging risk issues, and proving the program’s financial value to the organization.Read more​​

Dr. Lianne Appelt has been spreading the word about ERM in various Oracle businesses for several years. Now working for Oracle’s cloud business, she discusses her plans to advance risk management in this cutting-edge technological space. Read more​​

​Kyle Van Hoeven has found her calling in ERM at Westfield Group, where she designed the program starting with a blank sheet of paper. Read more to learn how she did it, and what changes have come along in the five years since. Read more​

Jette Birkeholm Møller isn’t a wet blanket at LEGO. As senior manager of strategic risk management, she makes sure the company’s plans stay on the path to success. Read more

​Jeff Pratt and Tom Easthope describe the evolution of ERM at Microsoft, and how the practice has adapted to a major internal reorganization. Read more

Meredith Stein of the National Institutes of Health shares from her experience implementing new ERM standards at a decentralized federal agency. Read more

​Anita Ingr​am discusses with RIMS the opportunities and hurdles of designing an ERM program from scratch, drawing on experience from Southern Methodist University and the University of Cincinnati. Read more​

​RIMS sits down with Rajeev Thykatt to discuss ERM at Infosys BPO, where managing enterprise risks has evolved over ten years to include multiple groups providing risk assessments under a unique governance structureRead more​

​Adrian Castillo Cisneros and Enrique Alanis provide insight into CEMEX’s unique and dynamic ERM program. With roots in government intelligence practices, CEMEX’s program has grown into a mature and strategic tool for the global construction materials company. Read more

Iman Al-Gharabally shares her learnings from building a world-class and complex ERM program at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, where communication, flexibility and creative thinking have been among the most valuable tools for her team.  Read more

Suzanne Christensen of Invesco explains why no two ERM programs are alike, and provides details on her company’s innovative “risk forum” that gathers risk leaders from around the world.  Read more

Jay LeBlanc discusses implementing an ERM program at the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, with an approach based on building relationships, trust and a shift in the “risk culture” of the organization. Read more

Chief Risk Officer Janet Nasburg discusses her approach to developing and deploying the ERM program at Intuit, a $4 billion enterprise with three flagship products – QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint. Read more

Roland Teo, Deputy Director of the Risk Management Office at Eastern Health Alliance in Singapore, discusses the evolution of ERM in the region, and how the regional healthcare system is introducing its ERM program. Read more

Steve Pottle discusses how York University, the second largest university in Ontario, transformed its insurance-procurement unit into one focused on enterprise risk management. Read more

Jim Presmanes discusses how he advises the strategic risk management  of Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. to identify and understand the leading indicators of its business to more effectively allocate resources and spend. Read more

​Rafael Castillo discusses the introduction, and operation of, a worldwide ERM program that promotes risk awareness at Molson Coors Brewing Company. Read more.​​​

​Frank​ Fiorille discusses how the ERM initiative at Paychex, Inc. was able to identify and develop revenue opportunities for the company. Read more.​​

​Monica Merrifield discusses the evolution in the YM​CA of Greater Toronto’s approach to risk management. Read more.​

Michael Liebowitz discusses the challenges – and rewards – of implementing a global ERM approach across New York University’s international “mega-operation” in four short years. Read more.

Laura Langone discusses the importance of tailoring ERM to fit the organization and its culture, based on her broad experience with a highly regulated biotech firm, as well as fast-paced technology companies. Read more.

Colin Knox discusses his observations about the evolution of ERM in Australia, based on his experience in industries as diverse as mining, beer production, and wine making. Read more.


Scot Schwarting discusses how implementing ERM has made an impact at Whirlpool Corp., a company with $20 billion in global sales and dozens of facilities around the world. Read more.


Bob O’Connor discusses the value Rockwell Automation's ERM program, and how the company has applied ERM to manage risks posed by its far-flung supply chain. Read more.


Joanna Makomaski discusses how she is applying her ERM expertise to the Pan American Games on behalf of the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee. Read more.


Rob Gould discusses Harley-Davidson’s approach to creating an ERM program, focusing primarily on strategic risks to the organization’s storied brand value. Read more.


Drew Zavatsky discusses his journey from ERM neophyte to conversant veteran at the 13th biggest state in the country. Read more.


John Phelps discusses Florida Blue's ERM program, one that is keenly focused on uncertainty above all other exposure concerns. Read more.


Jean-Francois Baril discusses his approach to implementing ERM at Montreal's Concordia University, whose founding institutions date back more than 160 years. Read more.

Dan Baldwin discusses the ERM program at publicly traded Leggett & Platt, Inc., which designs and produces a diverse array of products for homes, offices and vehicles. Read more.


Grace Crickette discusses her quest to implement AAA NCNU's Enterprise Risk Management strategy with a team of legal, compliance, risk management and internal audit experts. Read more.

John Hach discusses gaining support from the top of the company while migrating Lincoln Electric to an ERM platform. Read more.

Pam Rogers.jpeg

Pamela Rogers discusses reducing strategic, financial and operating risks through an ERM program at Weight Watchers. Read more.




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