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Peer Presentations

Risk Management and Value Creation
Risk managers describe how their practices create value at their respective organizations, how that value creation is perceived, and how it is rewarded.

Frank Fiorille, Paychex
Lorie Graham, AAIC
Jana Utter, Centene Corp.​
Susie Jones, Australia Post
Achieving Results through Strategic ERM Maturity 
Learn the approaches taken and the methods deployed to transform a fragmented ERM capability into a strategic ERM capability and advanced maturity level where the barriers to success were vanquished and significant value is being imparted to the organization.

SRM: Leading Value Creation in Your Organization
From RIMS ERM Conference 2016. Through real organization success stories, proven value creation tools and open discussion, this resource provides a valuable toolkit that can be used to uncover hidden value (and possible risk) within your own organization.

Risk Sensing: Identifying Risks of the Future​
From RIMS ERM Conference 2016. Presenters walk participants through GM’s journey to establish a Risk Sensing function. The journey includes an understanding of the steps taken at GM to institute the practice of identifying emerging risks and opportunities.

From RIMS ERM Conference 2016. Learn how macroeconomic factors such as GDP, housing market metrics and employment can aid in a company's ERM processes across three categories of risk: preventable, strategic and external.​

Master these seven key skill areas and you will be on your way to stellar risk management program and career. From the RIMS Risk Forum Latin America 2016.​

Brian Thelen, General Motors' Chief Risk Officer and General Auditor, presented GM's approach to enterprise risk management at the RIMS ERM Conference 2012. He shares GM's ERM components, process and structure, risk officer roles, risk exposure and management and reporting. In his presentation, GM executive leaders talk about their perspectives on the differences the discipline makes within their organization.

Spoiler Alert: Brian also promotes GM products!

RIMS Q & A Interviews

ERM often is described as a journey, and no two journeys are exactly alike. Explore this series of RIMS interviews to discover how these successful risk professionals accelerate their individual ERM journeys to protect and create value for their respective organizations - in their own words.



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