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ERM Starter Kit

The five stages of RIMS' "ERM Trajectory of Success" are designed to take an organization from its initial commitment through design, activation, monitoring and improving its ERM discipline.

The starter kit is provided to help you overcome the initial hurdles for commitment and design by providing you with basic ERM materials that other risk professionals have successfully used.


The contents of the Starter Kit include:

- ERM Program Mini Readiness Checklist
- ERM Risk Council Charter
- RIMS Risk Maturity Model Assessment

- Sample Risk Register
- Sample ERM Preparatory Interview Worksheet
- Risk Log Template
- Risk Mapping Using Impact and Likelihood
- Risk Ranking Tool
- Demo of Risk Ranking Tool (Auto Risks)
- Risk Training for Nonprofessionals Template
- ERM Executive Report Template (simple)
- Sample Annual Report (extended)

View all of the contents of the Starter Kit in our Risk Knowledge library, located here.

Please note: you will be prompted to login to access content in Risk Knowledge.



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