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Assessment Tools and Templates

Risk Tolerance Matrix
A risk tolerance worksheet useful for averaging and charting tolerances for a number of areas in an organization. Customizable to fit any organization.

Active Risk and Opportunity Planning Worksheet

The purpose of the AROP process is to ensure that uncertainties in terms of risks and opportunities are being adequately addressed in due time. As such, the AROP must be included in the preparation of the business case of the project and, naturally, be kept updated in all project phases.

Strategic Risk Questions
Use these questions to consider the potential risks and opportunities when reviewing your strategy and multi-year plan.

Bow-tie Analysis
A simplified example of the bow-tie analysis, one of the most useful and commonly used ways to visualize a risk event.

Screening for Success Tool
A tool in use at the YMCA of Greater Toronto that is designed to uncover any flawed assumptions and trigger an exploration of options in order to strengthen a new offering or strategic initiative.

Strategy Alignment Worksheet

An alignment worksheet for internal use to explain mission, values, strategies and business objectives. Also useful for identifying business objectives that are nested in corporate strategy.

Risk Intelligence Framework

An example of a risk intelligence framework in use by the YMCA of Greater Toronto.



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