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To Increase Your Visibility, Try These 6 Strategies

If you fail to toot your own horn, no one else is going to do it for you. So, when trying to get ahead in your career, forget false modesty. A man or woman who neglects self-promotion will never get to the top in today’s competitive economy. At the very least, you should:


  1. Track your accomplishments. At the end of every week, make a list of everything you did the preceding Monday through Friday. Why? If you don’t, you’ll have forgotten half of your own achievements by the time your year-end performance appraisal and salary review roll around.
  2. Publish articles. When you write about your industry in a respected trade publication, you gain a reputation as an expert. Not bad for sitting down for a few hours and banging out 1,000 or so words or wisdom.
  3. Speak up at meetings. The easiest way to gain visibility in your company is to offer ideas at business gatherings. Some executives view people who always remain silent as excess baggage in the organization.
  4. Have a photo handy. Eventually, someone will ask you for a picture to run in the company newsletter or a conference brochure. Don’t hem and haw at such requests. Graciously hand over a photo, preferably shot in flattering soft focus with back lighting.
  5. Volunteer for interdepartmental meetings. Avoid getting stuck in a rut by interacting only with people in your own field. Branch out to find out what’s going on and who’s in power throughout your company.
  6. Flood the world with business cards. One measure of your networking process is the number of cards you hand out each year. Make an annual goal of putting at least 1,000 into the hands of contacts inside and outside your sphere of influence.

By: Dr. Kathleen Begley




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