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Compensation Survey Webinar

The 2008 Risk Management Compensation Survey Webinar  was designed to help risk professionals understand and interpret the results of the recently released RIMS 2008 Risk Management Compensation Survey.   The 2008 Risk Management Compensation Survey includes data on 15 different key positions in risk management with analysis of sub-sets based on industry, geographic location in the US and Canada, years in the risk management industry and educational credentials. This year the Risk Management Compensation Survey received more than 2,000 responses!

This webinar will walk you through the survey results in order to help you learn how to read the compensation survey report and get the most out of the survey.

The webinar is FREE to RIMS members, all contributors to the survey and individuals who have purchased the survey. To order your copy of the survey visit  If you participated in the survey, and did not receive your complimentary copy, please contact Shavonne Howlett at 212-655-6033 or

Click here to listen to the webinar.

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