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Contributor Purchase Page

As a contributor, you receive substantial savings!

A contributor is a risk professional who contributed two or more years insurance policy data (inlcuding
effective and expiration dates, premiums, limits, retentions and insurer names), for two or more
coverage types (e.g. management liability, liability, or property). To qualify for contributor pricing when
you purchase the product, your data must already have been submitted and approved as complete;
data contribution must coincide with the calendar year of the book.

Click HERE to purchase 1-year access to RIMS Interactive Benchmark Toolkit

To purchase 2-year access, click HERE.

SAVE $400
when you purchase 2-year access!


Benefits of the Interactive Benchmark Toolkit:

  • Benchmark Using the Latest Data...Anytime, Anywhere! Get all the benefits of the RIMS Benchmark Survey, without having to wait for the annual publication of the book.
  • Know Where You Stand
    Compare your commercial insurance costs & coverage to your peers.
  • Make Your Data Work For You
    Store and track entire portfolios of in-force and historical insurance programs in one place and displays complex programs in easy-to-understand program charts.

Not a Contributor? Contribute your organization's data at

For the perfect companion to the online survey, get the RIMS Benchmark Survey Book, representing cost of risk information submitted by more than 1,600 US and Canadian organizations.

The book offers unparalleled insight into the insurance market and current risk management trends. If you are responsible for financing risk or administering risk management programs, this book is a "must have". Order your copy today.



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