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Chapter Officers' Quarterly Virtual Training


"Preparing a RIMS Chapter Award Application" teleconference seminar archive (9/24/2014)
Cindy Tiritilli, RIMS Senior Chapter Relations Manager; Rich Johanson, RIMS Member & Chapter Services Committee 2015 Chair; and Deb Tauro, RIMS
Member & Chapter Services Committee 2014 Vice Chair discuss:

- Planning your Chapter's submission (see
- Pitfalls to avoid
- Getting to the submission (the nuts and bolts of completing the application)
- Overview of the Committee's selection process
- Recognition
- Looking ahead: cumulative Achievement Awards = Excellence Award

Listen to the session here​​​. Review the presentation slides.


"Best Practices for Recruiting, Retaining, and Recovering Members" teleconference seminar archive (6/25/2014)  Cindy Tiritilli, RIMS Senior Chapter Relations Manager discusses:

  • Creating and Conducting a Membership Development Plan
  • 2015 Chapter Dues Reporting: Balancing Rates with Delivering Value
  • Engaging Your Chapter Board & Members in the process
  • Communicating Value to Members Year-Round
  • Open Forum: Chapter Officer Exchange of Best Practices
  • Q&A and Conclusion
Listen to the session here. Review the presentation slides


"Educational Programming that Enhances Member Value" teleconference seminar archive (5/29/2014)

Cindy Tiritilli, RIMS Senior Chapter Relations Manager and Justin Dolce, RIMS Learning Program Manager facilitate this session, which covers:


    • Q&A and Conclusion 


 Listen to the session here​. View the presentation slides.



"Delivering Value through RIMS Risk Maturity Model for Enterprise Risk Management" teleconference seminar archive (08/14/2013)

Carol Fox, ARM, RIMS Director of Strategic and Enterprise Risk and Steve Minsky, MBA, MA, CEO of Logic Manager, Inc. present a webinar to promote a RIMS PERK session that provides an introduction to the RMM and how your chapter member organizations can use it to become leaders in enterprise risk management (ERM).

If Enterprise Risk Management is the weapon for advancing your organization's odds of success, make the RIMS Risk Maturity Model (RMM) part of your plan of attack. RIMS RMM applies to all types of organizations and industries across the risk spectrum. For both veteran risk professionals and novices, RIMS RMM is an indispensable tool that can provide a game plan for program development and enhancement.


Listen to the session Part 1 and Part 2. Review the presentation slides. 



"RIMS Society Bylaw Amendments and Their Impact on Chapters" teleconference seminar archive (7/15/2013)
Mark Prysock, RIMS General Counsel discusses the following topics:


  • Recent Changes to the Society's Bylaws
  • Miscellaneous Governance/Parliamentary/Issues/Questions. 

Listen to the session and review the presentation slides. 



"Volunteer Involvement" Idea Swap (6/22/2012)
Cindy Tiritilli, RIMS Senior Chapter Services Manager moderates the first Chapter Officers’ Idea Swap, an open, casual forum for peer sharing of ideas, tools and approaches around a specific topic. Participants were asked to come prepared to share at least ONE idea about how a RIMS Chapter can recruit, involve and/or retain volunteers.

Best practices are captured so the ideas may be shared with all Chapter Officers, who are invited to expand upon the list and keep the dialog going on the Chapter Officers’ eGroup, or by contacting RIMS Chapter Services to have ideas added to this list.

See the list of ideas that were swapped.


"Managing Your RIMS Chapter Website" webmaster's teleconference seminar archive (9/23/2011)
Darlene Lebron Lopez, RIMS Chapter Services Administrator discusses the following topics:

  • Getting to know your new chapter website
  • Adding your Chapter Logo
  • Chapter Resource Library
  • Advertisement Spaces

Listen to the session and review the recorded screen share.  (Please make sure to launch both the audio presentation and the screen share at the same time.  The audio and video for this seminar were recorded separately but will sync up if you launch them together.) 

See also the Website User Guide  and the Parking Lot Q&A.



"RIMS Corporate Governance" teleconference seminar archive (7/26/2011)
Mark Prysock, RIMS General Counsel discusses the following topics:


  • Chapter Officer/Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Obligations
  • Reducing Fiduciary Liability Exposure 
  • Privilege
  • Concluding Remarks

Listen to the session and review the presentation slides. See also the Sweepstakes Official Rules Template as a related resource.



"Running a Successful Membership Recruitment Campaign" teleconference seminar archive (6/9/2011)  - Jill Berman Levy, RIMS Director of Membership & Chapter Services discusses how-to:


·         Obtain Chapter Buy-in

·         Set Goals

·         Identify Techniques

·         Identify WIIFM (What's in it for me?)

·         Recruit and Train Volunteers

·         Create Plan with Timeline and Budget

·         Create Materials (including FAQ)

·         Conduct Campaign

·         Follow-up with New Members

·         Evaluate Results

Listen to the session and review the revised RIMS Membership Drive Handbook, tipsheet and Membership Recruitment Tool Kit.


"Recognizing Volunteers and Promoting Your Chapter's Successes" teleconference seminar archive (3/24/2011)    Darlene Lebron, RIMS Chapter Services Administrator discusses ways to recognize your Chapter's volunteers for their efforts - big and small, and how to promote and celebrate your Chapter's successes:

·     RIMS Chapter Awards Program - "CAP Awards"
    o Chapter Achievement Awards & Chapter Excellence Awards
    o Process for applying
    o Nominations period: October 2011 - deadline on January 9, 2012 at 5pm ET

·     Recognizing Volunteers 
    o Tips for giving recognition regularly and sincerely
    Chapter Officers' best practices for giving recognition – interactive discussion

·     Related RIMS Resources
RIMS Volunteer Management Podcast Series
                Part 1: Find Volunteers – Build Your Chapter Board
                Part 2: Recruit Volunteers – Promote Leadership Opportunities
                Part 3: Retain Volunteers – Tips for Maintaining your Board
                Part 4: Volunteer Obstacles – Time, Experience, Awareness

Volunteer Recognition Tip Sheet
    o RIMS Volunteer Management Handbook

Listen to the session.


"Managing Your RIMS Chapter's Finances" teleconference seminar archive (11/18/2010)
Lynn Chambers, RIMS CFO addresses financial issues that impact your chapter:

  • Incorporation
  • non-profit status
  • tax compliance
  • budgeting
  • record-keeping
  • reporting
  • fundraising

Listen to the session and review the RIMS Chapter Treasurer's Handbook.

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