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Training Handbooks

Handbook Name Brief Description

Chapter Officers' Handbook ​

This handbook will help educate RIMS Chapter Officers in the administration and operation of a volunteer run local chapter. It covers a wide array of topics and situations that may arise during your tenure.

Membership Drive Handbook 

Recruiting new members is one of the most important tasks that your chapter will face during the year. It is important...

Chapter Treasurer's

A handbook that provides chapter treasurers with some basic guidelines on how to manage their chapter's finances.


Volunteer Management Handbook​ 

A handbook that provides tips on how your chapter can successfully overcome obstacles encountered while trying to find and enlist volunteers.

Delegate's Handbook 

A handbook that provides guidelines and suggestions on how to be an affective RIMS Delegate for your chapter.

Webmaster's Handbook ​

A hyper-indexed step-by-step guide to chapter Web site set-up, editing and personalization.

Formation Guide 

This guide contains information on the process of starting a new chapter.




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