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Chapter Best Practices


Ice Breakers

  • A Round of Introductions (of Members and their skills): Ask each member to introduce him/herself by name, company, (years in the industry, industry sector, and location if it's a mixed group) - and to tell the group about what hidden talent/s they have or what they like to do in their spare time. Give an alternate option to the last part of the question - such as their proudest achievement (so nobody feels awkward if it's a question they'd prefer not to answer). By listening to each other, attendees may learn something new about their peers, may find someone who shares a common interest, or may make a connection with someone trying to learn about their hobby. For example, a member who just started the "couch to 5k" challenge may find it interesting to connect with a seasoned marathon runner. You may also find it easier to recruit new Chapter volunteers based on members' interests. For example, someone who enjoys entertaining or party planning may be a great addition to your holiday event planning subcommittee.
  • Table cards: Place table cards in the center of each table that have a discussion topic or picture, and encourage the folks at each table to talk about it. Some Chapters use table cards that ask a question, such as:
    • What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?
    • Who was your childhood hero (and why)?
    • If you could pursue any other career, without regard for salary, location or your natural talent (if you want to dance on Broadway in spite of your two-left-feet), what would it be and why?
           This tend to be an easy way to get people talking.

  • Your Board members should not sit together.


  • Color breaks: Loews Hotels uses and innovative and entertaining way to use color to keep the focus and loyalty inside the meeting with the introduction of Loews' Color Breaks. Ask for the table linens, snack settings at each person's seat, floral centerpieces, and on-screen colors to match the mood you'd like to set for a productive and energetic meeting.  Blue, the color of peace, spirituality, youth and the immense ocean encourages creativity, stimulates thought process and the opens the flow of communication. Yellow, the color of wisdom, intellectual energy, happiness and the beautiful sun sharpens concentration and memory skills and increases awareness. Green, the color of nature and well being encourages new ideas for change and growth.



  • Use the PERK Program to select 60-90 minute educational sessions,  presented by Multiple sessions can be held in one day, and there is no limit to the number of sessions that can be held per year. 




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