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March 19, 2010
Table of Contents

  1. Making the Most of Your RIMS Membership!
  3. New Designation Study Materials Now at RIMStore!
  4. Second Annual California RIMS on the Mall a Tremendous Success
  5. Connecticut RIMS in Hartford Legislative Conference Scheduled for April 7
  6. Upcoming RIMS Webinars – free to members!
  7. Free D&O Conference -Hosted by RIMS PERK Partner!
  8. PERK Session Highlight: Claims Handling - How to Get Claims Paid During Difficult Economic Times



Making the Most of Your RIMS Membership!
Do you ever feel that you don’t have a firm grasp on what RIMS offers its members?  For instance, did you know that all members of RIMS are entitled to a free copy of the recent “
Practical Guide to Insurance Broker Compensation” while non-members have to pay $99?  Did you know that RIMS members (and ONLY RIMS members) have free access to the Risk Insights white paper series?  Did you know you can post your resume or search posted positions on the RIMS Job Bank at no cost?

RIMS offers so much to its members that it’s hard to keep track.  So consider attending “
Making the Most of Your RIMS Membership” session on Monday, April 26 (repeated on Wednesday, April 28) for a detailed presentation by RIMS membership staff and volunteers to help you take advantage of all RIMS has to offer!

By now, you know that RIMS is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2010 and perhaps you’ve even had a chance to visit our anniversary website at  Now we’d like to “challenge” you to show your chapter pride during the Anniversary Celebration at this year’s Annual Conference and Exhibition.  On Tuesday, April 27, 2010 from 3:30 to 5 pm, RIMS will be having its official celebration in the Exhibit Hall at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and we want you and your chapter to celebrate with us.

Have your chapter design a “signature look” for all members attending the RIMS Conference – it could be a tee shirt or a hat or a sash or a sign or whatever suits your group – identifying you all as coming from the your Chapter [and don’t forget, you can order chapter-specific items through the
RIMStore].  Come to the RIMS Booth (#1431) during the celebration and let us take a photo of your chapter showing its pride.  We’ll share the photo with you (to put in your newsletter or on your website) as well as putting it on the 60th Anniversary website.

New Designation Study Materials Now at RIMStore!
RIMS is proud to announce
new designation study materials that cover sectors from finance to public entities and more. These materials can be used to help risk managers prepare for designations including:

  • Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities
  • Associate in Commercial Underwriting
  • Associate in Management
  • Associate in Information Technology
  • Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance

To learn more, please visit

Second Annual California RIMS on the Mall a Tremendous Success
The Second Annual California RIMS on the Mall was held in Sacramento, CA on March 9-10.  This event brought together 25 individuals representing all six California RIMS Chapters to discuss and advocate for the issues important to risk managers.  The first day of the conference was a chance to bring in speakers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss policy issues and the current political situation in California.  Speakers included Senator Ron Calderon, Chairman of the Senate Banking, Finance, and Insurance Committee; Jason Schmelzer, California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation; Bill Zachry, VP of Risk Management for Safeway, Inc.; and Jim Price, Senior Consultant for Aon Global Risk Consulting.  The second day provided a chance for attendees to meet with several members of the California State Legislature to discuss issues of importance to RIMS members.  Overall, this was a highly successful event that continued to build on the momentum gained through the inaugural 2009 CA RIMS on the Mall. 

If you are interested in holding a state legislative conference within your state, please contact Nathan Bacchus at

Connecticut RIMS in Hartford Legislative Conference Scheduled for April 7
The First Annual RIMS in Hartford Legislative Conference is scheduled for April 7, 2010.  This event is modeled after the state legislative events which have been held in California and Texas, as well as the U.S. National RIMS on the Hill held in Washington D.C.  This is a chance for members throughout the State of Connecticut to meet together to discuss current public policy issues affecting members within their state.  RIMS members will also be meeting directly with their elected representatives to provide a greater understanding of RIMS, risk management in general, and issues of concerns to CT membership.  For more information, please contact Nathan Bacchus at

Upcoming RIMS Webinars – free to members!

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Risk Management, Safety Workflow and Business Rules
March 25, 2010 | 1:00-2:00pm ET | Sponsored by: Riskonnect

In this educational webinar, hosted by RIMS and sponsored by Riskonnect, we will discuss and demonstrate specific, real-world examples of how risk management executives are implementing new and innovative methods of managing losses. You will observe technology and functionality that risk managers are using to impact costs through risk transfer, claims management and risk financing.

Surviving the Escalating Medical Costs in Today's Worker's Compensation Market
April 7 | 2:00-3:00pm ET | Sponsored by: CID management 

Ocean Cargo: Risky Business
April 15 | 1:00-2:00pm ET | Sponsored by: Zurich

For a complete schedule of upcoming professional development events, visit:

Free D&O Conference - Hosted by RIMS PERK Partner!
RIMS PERK Partner, Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. along with the Association of Corporate Council, Greater New York Chapter is hosting its Annual D&O Conference on March 25 at the Harvard Club in New York City. This year’s annual D&O conference will explore the range of civil and criminal exposures facing directors and officers; the protections that D&O policies potentially offer; and the pitfalls both in policy language and insurance company claims practices against which policyholders must be prepared to protect themselves. 

To sign up for this free conference, visit or contact Sonia Smalls at 212-278-1400 or

PERK Session Highlight:Claims Handling - How to Get Claims Paid During Difficult Economic Times

The current economic climate has placed policyholders between a rock and a hard place - increasing the need to get outstanding claims paid promptly while simultaneously putting cost constraints on pursuit of such claims.  This session will address how to efficiently pursue claims without sacrificing recovery by focusing on key strategies and tactics, as well as pitfalls to be avoided by every policyholder.   To learn more about this Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C.  PERK session, visit and submit your PERK request to

This information bulletin is distributed bi-weekly in an effort to reduce the amount of separate emails our Chapter officers receive from RIMS.  It highlights Chapter/member-related information including new benefits to Chapters, changes at RIMS and upcoming events.  Please review this email when you receive it to remain on the cutting-edge of what's relevant for chapters from RIMS.  Visit the archived versions of the Chapter Officer Bulletin archive at:  We would also be glad to include relevant information from your Chapter (announcements, meetings, brief success stories). Please send your submissions to



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