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RIMS New Idea Initiative


Can you inspire growth at RIMS?

Help RIMS cultivate new learning opportunities, generate innovative risk resources and enhance peer-to-peer connections.

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Here is what some of our members are saying

"Make overtures to heavy manufacturing and process industry. These types of organizations need line-of-sight on risk management issues. These businesses can suffer punishing losses due to unplanned equipment failure that can lead to major deadly catastrophic incidents. I am in the risk management business to help reduce probability and consequences of these incidents and would be very happy to contribute the growth of RIMS in this particular area."

- Marc Laplante, Meridium, Inc.

"More seminars on the latest technology to decrease the cost of a claim. I have a new products that will assist in controlling addiction and narcotic medication control."

-Darlene Tiller, Select Surgical Solutions


"Directly engage participation via phone and direct visit; recognize input and point of view and develop a tangible product. Value the whole membership."

-Steve Boss, Commercial Loss Consulting


"The key to growth of RIMS, or any other risk management based organization, is to get good representation from the risk management community. We need more risk managers! In this economy, many risk managers face stiff budget constraints. I would like to see RIMS, and other conferences, consider providing lower fees and rates for risk managers. You can make up the difference with the vendors. If the risk managers are there, the others will follow. I also like the way RIMS involves risk managers as speakers at conferences. However, I would prefer to see the requirement be that the risk manager be an actual presenter, not just a moderator. I sent in 5 submissions to RIMS for 2012, and all featured risk manager speakers. I think risk managers prefer to learn from their peers, not just from vendors."

-Mark Walls, Safety National


"Stronger local presence" - Tina Stoffle, SCF Arizona


"Find a way to involve more persons. Membership categories are rather narrow and the fees for an individual interested in risk management (if not sponsored by his employer) are quite high. Try to enhance the cooperation with the universities having strong risk management programs. Maybe some universities would agree for a curriculum that would lead in the same time to a diploma AND to a RIMS designation. Strengthen the relationships with the business/industry. At this moment, there are four or five relevant risk management institutions... try to differentiate RIMS and to position it as the champion of Risk Management (or maybe better, ERM). Most of the other associations are focused on Financial Risk Management."

- Adrian, Papaiani


"We need to market to Risk Managers along with the Senior Management in the corporations. Risk Management needs to be Top down and will require the support of the executive. Management needs to understand the value of the Risk Management and the need to invest."

-Marie Grenning, Marsh Canada Limited


"Have a pancake breakfast! It's an opportunity to get people together on a social level. Also, have a speaker touch on the hot topics of our industry. You have to get them in the door first."

- Wendalyn Napolitano, Chicago Public Schools


"1. Provide financial incentives to members who bring in new members (i.e. membership fee discounts, discounts to RIMS Annual Conference, discounts on seminars, etc.) 2. Provide special recognition or designations for members who bring in a minimum number of new members (i.e. RIMS Growth Leader badge/designation to be worn at conferences).

- Robert (Tim) Kelly, COUNTRY Financial


"Resources are an issue for all risk managers, even for those of us who are lucky to practice ERM or integrated risk in our organizations are continuously being asked to take on more responsibility and cover broader areas of risk with the same resources. One area in particular is data management, not simply our annual insurance renewal data but risk profiles and resource data for multiple sites. There are numerous developers and entrepeneurs who have developed resources in this area, but many are not affiliated with RIMS nor can they say the qualify under any standard set by our industry. Why not reach out to these vendors, as members and potential contributors to our industry. Give them their on category of membership (vendor member) this would be easier for me as a risk manager to go through our RIMS directory to select and scrutinize potential service providers and I am sure they would welcome the opportunity to access our membership. We see requests on various blogs, including RIMS Digest, asking for service providers, particularly in the areas of data management and compliance verification."

- Tania Caceres, Redcliff Realty Management, Inc.


"Risk in itself cuts across a broad spectrum. various Enterprises have begun to recognize the importance of Risk Managers. The Insurance Industry is very well established and I believe that the inclusion of Insurance Professionals such as Insurance Brokers, Claims Adjusters, Insurance Managers in the RIMS Society by increasing , awareness & publicity, offering these professionals value added incentives to join RIMS and offering Education credits to these Professionals will benefit RIMS and promote the growth of RIMS database, involvement and improve the Insurance Industry professionalism when there is an easier connect between both Societies Afterall Insurance is a Segment of Risk Management Transfer, If there were no Risk, there will be no need for Insurance."

- Adeola Fowodu, RDA Insurance


"Have a technology pavilion at the national RIMS Show in Philadelphia that caters to the everchanging needs of a day in the life of risk managers."

- Mary Beth Breen, Notivus


"The one topic I would like to see covered more is setting reserves for both Work Comp and Liability claims. I have worked for two different companies that have vastly different methods. I have spoken to other Risk professionals and have found that they have different methods."

- Anthony Hess, Oshkosh Corporation


"Wider recognition.... currently there is a US focus... understandable, however by promoting RIMS through your international members... like myself through seminars...etc. RIMS will grow significantly... promoting designations definitely works as well."

- Pantelis Messolonghitis, Oman Insurance Company


"Enough of west world orientation, look Eastward. The future is there in MENA, Indian subcontinent, far east asia, China and Asian side of old CIS. Here only the present and future markets and enterprise flourish including knowledge economy. Give stress on Brick and Mortor economy with proper ERM and financial risk analysis tools employment. Rather than an academic institution to sell programmes and materials go for participation and in situ,consultation with deputation of real time experts under RIMS roles- full time or part time. The reputation and membership will automatically grow simply by reference by who got benifited."

- Subramaniam Ragunathan, Cunningham Lindsey Middle East




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