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It’s true that policies enacted by the United States Congress ultimately affect every area of your life—including the practice of risk management. Consider these policy issues and how they can impact you:

  • Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance
  • Proposals to increases costs of and reduce access to property casualty insurance, including terrorism risk
  • Proposals to enhance the value of the risk management discipline as a means toward greater financial stability

Political advocacy is a top priority at RIMS. We are dedicated to making sure your voice is heard on these and other risk management issues in Washington, D.C. and the state capitals.

RISK PAC is a tool that brings RIMS members together to effectively manage political risk by supporting the election of candidates to Congress who understand and will advance our views on risk management issues.

RISK PAC has a dual mission: to educate congressional candidates and lawmakers about the practice of risk management and our unique concerns and interests; and to provide financial support to the campaigns of congressional candidates who share our views on risk management issues affecting RIMS member companies and institutions.

RISK PAC can succeed only with the voluntary support of its members.

For more information about RISK PAC and how to join, please visit the RISK PAC website.


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