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Associate in Risk Management (ARM) Designation

ARM delivers the skills you need. 
The new ARM program teaches the in-depth knowledge needed to assess and respond to the numerous hazard risks your company faces.  ARM helps employees to:

  • Build a strong foundation in the science of risk management
  • Gain practical skills to avoid, reduce, and manage risk
  • Learn to adapt those skills to meet changing needs

ARM 54-Risk Management Principles and Practices:
Topics: Introduction to risk management; Risk management standards and guidelines; Hazard risk; Operational, financial, and strategic risk; Risk management framework and process; Risk identification, analysis, and treatment; Financial statement risk analysis; Capital investment and financial risk; Monitoring and reporting on risk.

ARM 55-Risk Assessment and Treatment:
Topics: Introduction to risk assessment and treatment; Root cause analysis; Business continuity management; Physical property risk; Intellectual property and reputation risk; Legal and regulatory risk; Management liability; Human resource risk; Environmental risk; Crime and cyber risk; Fleet risk.

ARM 56-Risk Financing:
Topics: Introduction to risk financing; Estimating hazard risk; Transferring hazard risk through insurance; Self-insurance plans; Retrospective rating plans; Reinsurance; Captive insurance; Contractual risk transfer; Transferring financial risk; Transferring hazard risk to the capital markets; Allocating costs of managing hazard risk.

Required texts  - the Course Guide and text book for each ARM course (optional SMART study materials are also available).  To obtain the study materials and register for the exams and for more information, please contact IIA at 800.644.2101 or visit their website at

ARM Exams are given during four 2-month-long testing windows: 
January 15 - March 15
April 15 - June 15
July 15 - September 15
October 15 - December 15



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