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Influenza A(H1N1) and Pandemic Plan of Action

In response to the recent the A(H1N1) outbreak, RIMS is conducting a series of podcasts to provide current information and practical advice for our members to use as events continue to unfold. In this podcast series, Bill Coffin, publisher and editorial director of Risk Management magazine, interviews industry experts and asks the questions on everyone’s minds.

Podcasts in this series

Part I: Fact vs. Fiction
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As the A(H1N1) epidemic continues to dominate headlines worldwide, it is getting more difficult to separate facts from fear. Listen as Risk Management magazine's Bill Coffin gets the inside story from Michael Liebowitz, director of risk management and insurance at New York University and past president of RIMS. How bad will influenza A(H1N1) really get? What are the insurance implications? And what can be done to manage the risk swine flu poses to companies large and small?

Michael Liebowitz, 
Director of Risk Management and Insurance for New York University
Bill Coffin, Publisher and Editorial Director, Risk Management Magazine

Part II: Business Continuity Issues
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With all the hype surrounding the current influenza A(H1N1) outbreak, it is helpful to understand that while business continuity challenges associated with a communicable disease outbreak include many of the same elements as a traditional business continuity program, there are also many differences.   In this podcast, Risk Management magazines’ Bill Coffin interviews Michael Keating, business continuity practice director for Navigant Consulting.  Topics addressed include, how to deal with misinformation and confusion within the government, human resource challenges, and legal issues related to pandemics that do not materialize in “common” business interruptions.

Michael Keating
, Managing Director, Doulos Business Consulting
Bill Coffin, Publisher and Editorial Director, Risk Management Magazine




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