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Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS)

New Professional Liability CE Program and Management Liability Certification from IRMI

RIMS Members Receive a 10% Discount 
(MLIS introductory price of $69 per course is going up to $79 effective 7/1/2010)

If you earn the MLIS designation, you are entitled to receive two days of RF workshop credits towards the RIMS Fellow (RF) designation.

The Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS™) continuing education program was designed for in-house risk managers or insurance buyers to gain specialized expertise in the fundamentals of professional liability insurance and the more specific nuances of directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, and fiduciary liability exposures and insurance.

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Benefits of the MLIS Certification for Risk Managers and Insurance Buyers

After completing Parts 1 and 2 of this educational program and receiving the MLIS certification, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Fewer Errors—Nothing could be more embarrassing or career threatening to a risk manager than for a lawsuit against a director, officer, or fellow manager to be excluded under the D&O, fiduciary, EPLI, E&O, or professional liability policy purchased to cover that very type of claim. Yet, management liability, E&O, and professional liability insurance policies are so complex and there are so many variations in the marketplace that coverage gaps are commonplace. Knowledge gained from the MLIS courses will help you eliminate dangerous coverage gaps and provide better protection for your corporate directors, executives, and managers.

Credibility—Since their personal assets are exposed to loss, corporate directors and officers are keenly interested in assuring the executive liability program purchased to protect them is adequate.  With the MLIS certification behind your name, you make a statement that you understand their concerns and will take every step possible to make certain the insurance policies you buy will give them the protection they need and deserve.  Knowing you are at the helm, they will get a nice, quiet night’s sleep.

Reduced Insurance Costs—While assuring adequate coverage is probably your driving goal with your D&O, EPLI, fiduciary, E&O, or professional liability insurance program, you also don’t want to waste money. The MLIS program will help you evaluate your firm’s loss exposures and better understand the underwriting and pricing process for these lines of insurance. With this knowledge, you will be a smarter and better insurance buyer.

Get the Best Advice and Service from Your Agent or Broker—By knowing the right questions to ask, where common problems occur, and something about what can be achieved in the marketplace, you can make certain your agent or broker knows his or her stuff and is properly handling these all important lines of insurance for you.

Career Advancement—One of the most important keys to advancing your career as a professional risk manager is to continuously improve your knowledge and the confidence that others place in you. Thus, the specialized knowledge and credibility you gain from the MLIS program will make you a more valuable employee and help you achieve your career goals.

Get Insurance CE Credit If You Need ItIf you hold an insurance license, the MLIS courses can be used to fulfill the mandatory CE requirement in your state. Thus, the MLIS program serves triple duty by satisfying this requirement while adding new capabilities to your skill set and providing you with a credibility-building certification all at once. And it does all of this at a surprisingly low cost and by requiring no time away from the office!

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