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Companies who self-administer claims are challenged when educating and training their claims staff.  This continuing series of course casts teaches basic principles for those who adjust claims and cover specific topics to assist in investigating and evaluating claims exposures.

Risk Managers who have recently hired insurance or claims analysts should consider this series of course casts to accelerate the learning process and improve the ability of their internal claims staff to understand the issues they face in resolving claims. 

Join Elise Farnham and Michael McDonald as they lead you though scenarios and case studies to give you a better understanding of casualty claim handling techniques.

List of topics

Negligence and Tort Law             

  • Negligence – contributory and comparative
  • Torts
  • Duty of care
  • Degrees of care required to classes of people
  • Immunity from liability
  • Assumed or contractual liability
  • Master/servant rule      

Agency Law       

  • Definition of agency
  • Tort law in agency cases
  • Independent contractor
  • Bailments
  • Vicarious liability statues              

Understanding Insurance Law  

  • Statutory Law
  • Common Law
  • Law and Equity
  • Civil law and Criminal law
  • The Court system – classes of courts
  • Federal Courts
  • Appellate process
  • Evidence
  • Terminology      

The Theory of Insurance              

  • Law of large numbers
  • Definitions:  risk, hazard, peril
  • First and third party coverages
  • Types of liability policies
  • Policy structure
  • Historical perspective
  • Financial Responsibility Laws
  • Personnel          


  • Purpose and scope of investigation
  • Waiver and estoppel
  • Reservation of rights
  • On-site:  diagrams
  • Statements – recorded, in person or telephone
  • Types of statements
  • Types of evidence and admissibility
  • Theory of defense and plan of investigation       

The Mechanics of Statement Taking      

  • Types of statements
  • Factual and critical evidence
  • Witness status – ordinary and expert
  • Classification of witnesses
  • The statement process – information to obtain
  • Use as evidence              



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