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Session Handout Help

Session Handouts are Due for Upload - Friday, April 6th

  1. Visit http://www.RIMS.org/Upload
  2. Choose your session from the list of sessions--Continue
  3. Click on Create New, enter the name of your session, click on browse to find the document from your desktop and Save.
  4. Should you need to upload your presentation again, follow the instructions above which will give you an option to discard previous uploads.

In addition to your PowerPoint presentation, we ask that you please upload a PDF version of your presentation, 6 slides per page for attendees to print on-site. How to Save!

In the past you were able to view the number of registrants in your session(s). Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available.  Please contact me if you require this information.

RIMS continues to be Green! While we understand the importance of handouts to the sessions for attendees, we ask that when you promote your session(s) you encourage registered attendees to download handouts onto their laptop, PDA or print prior to leaving for the conference. Working from an electronic copy will reduce the amount of printed copies needed. If printed copies are required, do consider a layout that would reduce the number of overall printed pages- i.e., front/back- and print no more than 25% (of total registered for your session) for attendees.

You may go beyond making your PowerPoint presentation your primary handout and provide supplemental information like articles that pertain to your session, tools, checklists, guides and practical information that attendees can reference and utilize post-conference.

Printing on Demand stations are available in the Lobby of the Philadelphia Convention Center, as well as in RIMS Cyber stations located in the Exhibit Hall.

We appreciate your effort in making RIMS 2012 an environmentally friendly conference. We cannot make this possible without your help.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Kamy Persaud - Speakers@RIMS.org.



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