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Presentation Management

RIMS is pleased to announce new technology that will make your speaking engagement at RIMS ’14 seamless and easy. Speakers are no longer required to bring their own laptops eliminating delays in getting your presentation started.

All PowerPoint Presentations will be managed from one central e-library located in the Speaker Ready Room (Colorado Convention Center Room 304; open Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm; Monday-Wednesday 8:00am-5:00pm). Please note that you MUST check-in to the Speaker Ready Room at least 4 hours before your presentation; if your presentation is early in the morning, you should check in the evening prior.

By FRIDAY, APRIL 18, upload your presentations to www.RIMS.org/Upload.  Your login is your email address and the password that you previously created.  Select “Submit Handout.”
(If you don't know your password, complete the “Forgot your Password?” to obtain this information.) If you need assistance, please contact the Client Services Team at


Format:          PPT or PDF with a maximum of 2GB. For technical questions, contact support@sessionupload.com.

RIMS ’14 conference Temple must be used; failure to use the template could result in your session being cancelled.


Remember, practice good risk management and bring a back-up of your presentation/video on a USB – just in case!

If you have any questions contact Speakers@RIMS.org.  






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