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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to be a member of RIMS to become a speaker

No, however you should be qualified to speak on the topic of interest.

Do I need to be registered for the conference if I am a speaker?

There is no need to register Registration is complimentary to all speakers on the day(s) speaking and includes access to sessions, breakfast or lunch, admission to the exhibit hall and special events on the day(s). However, we do encourage you to register on the day(s) you are not speaking to take advantage of the opportunities at the conference. Speakers must provide for their airfare to and from the conference; their hotel accommodations while at the conference; and all meals consumed while at the conference. RIMS will not reimburse speakers for these expenses.


Can all the speakers on the panel be from my company?

RIMS policy limits the number of speakers allowed from a company. Only one representative from a company, including subsidiaries, is permitted per session/workshop.

·         3 Speakers, including a Risk Manager – 75 minutes

·         4 Speakers, including a Risk Manager – 2 hours

Can I add an additional speaker on-site if I met my capacity?

It is imperative that all additional speakers be approved by your Conference Programming Committee liaison or Speaker Services.  Without approval or verification, you will be charged a one day registration fee.


Can anyone attend any session that is being offered?

Yes, although participants registered for sessions in advance, all sessions are open (unless it's a member session for risk managers) and it's on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is a PowerPoint presentation or handout required?

RIMS will continue with its Green Initiative to reduce environmental waste. We ask that you upload your handouts to the RIMS website by the given deadline so participants can download on their laptop, PDA or print in advance. If you would like to print handouts, consider a layout that would reduce the number of pages as well as print a respectable amount that would avoid disposal of excess copies. Click (here) to upload your handouts 


If I decide to print handouts and ship to the RIMS Conference, how do I find my handouts?

If your handouts were shipped in advance or directly, it will be located in your session meeting room. Please check with Speaker Services located in the registration area to verify your shipment.


How do I find the meeting room?

Located in the back pocket of your badge holder, is a Session Location Guide sorted by day and time, session code and room number.


Does RIMS provide audiovisual?

RIMS will supply each session with the following: LCD projector with screen, 2 tabletop microphones and 1 podium with a lavaliere microphone. All speakers must bring their own laptops.

Can I add additional audiovisual on-site?

it is absolutely necessary, you need to receive approval from your Conference Programming Committee liaison or Speaker Services.  Under NO circumstance should you be ordering RIMS Vendors to add additional audiovisual on-site.


Is there a place to check emails?

You may check your emails at the RIMS cyber-station located in the Exhibit Hall.


If you did not find an answer to your question from this Q&A, please contact Kamy Persaud at Speakers@RIMS.org





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