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Tips & Suggestions

Tips on Submitting a Program Suggestion Form

To whom is the session directed?

  • This session is for the beginning risk manager...
  • Attendees should have experience in the field of...
  • Anyone with a desire to learn more about...

Why is this session important to the attendees?

  • Concentration of employees continues to be a concern…..
  • With the influx of...
  • Federal legislation should be of prime concern to...
  • Current market conditions for ……
  • Today’s tight economy…….

What will be covered?

  • Define the topics your speakers will address.
  • Detail the key issues and points that will be covered.

What will the attendee get out of the session?

  • Learn new techniques and new approaches….
  • Receive up to date information on...
  • Increase understanding of...
  • Experience, first hand...
  • Learn new, state of the art...
  • Hear from people experienced in……
  • Receive handouts

Things to Avoid

  • Overused phrases such as: paradigm shift, think outside the box, perfect storm, in harm’s way….
  • Excessive use of quotation marks
  • Sales pitches and advertisements
  • Not checking for errors in spelling and grammar


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