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Strategic Partner Sessions

Will Your Risk Management Strategies Weather Climate Change?

Monday, April 26, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Hosted by

The climate is changing, and in more ways than one. Growing agreement that the global climate is changing, bringing the potential for severe storms, droughts, etc., is also altering today’s business climate. Increasing base load energy demands, tighter efficiency requirements, feed-in tariffs, carbon footprint reduction costs, and shareholder inquiries about the steps corporations are taking to address climate change are just some of the emerging issues.

While risk managers are accustomed to emerging risks, rarely do they encounter ones that may shift core business foundations and the political, economic and physical realities in which they operate, both globally and simultaneously. Experts on climate-related exposures and solutions will discuss changing risk profiles, potential gaps and opportunities for innovation in the insurance marketplace, public-private partnerships and solutions that can be applied in an environment of growing geopolitical uncertainty.

Francis Bouchard
Head of Climate Office
Zurich Financial Services
Lindene Patton
Chief Climate Product Officer
Zurich Financial Services
Property Risk: Turning Recession Lessons Learned into Growth Strategies

Tuesday, April 27, 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Hosted by

As the global economy fell into recession in late 2008, organizations faced new challenges in their efforts to structure cost-effective property risk mitigation programs. From these challenges emerged a comprehensive and innovative best practice approach to asset and revenue stream protection.

Now, as businesses return to growth mode and capital returns to the economy, we'll reflect upon the lessons learned over the past 18 months and adjust the approach to valuations, business interruption planning, insurance program structure, risk data management, risk control and engineering investment, and post-loss claims intervention.

Listen to industry experts as they share ideas and insights from clients across all industries, and hear first-hand from an industry-leading risk manager who directed her company’s evolution in this complex area.

Neil Harrison
Group Managing Director
Aon Global Risk Consulting
Arnold Mascali
Managing Director
Aon Global Risk Consulting
Philip Reardon
Aon Global Risk Consulting

Christina Reisinger
Director, Risk Management

Embracing Risk Management

Tuesday, April 27, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Hosted by

A leader in the insurance industry in an era of unprecedented scrutiny and change, Joe Plumeri has pressed for greater transparency, client service and innovation at Willis and across the industry. He will discuss the increasing risks facing business—and how risk management needs to be understood and embraced in American business.

Joe Plumeri
Chairman and CEO
Willis Group Holdings
Crisis Management: Considerations for Transferring, Reducing and Accepting Risks Related to Crisis Events

Tuesday, April 27, 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Hosted by

While rarely publicized, crisis events such as kidnap for ransom, extortion, wrongful detention and disappearance are ever-increasing threats to multinational companies, organizations and individuals traveling around the world. High-profile companies and organizations that operate in high-threat areas are often targets, creating security and operational risk to both personnel and the corporation as a whole.

earn more about how these crisis events, occurring around the world in both publicized and unknown hot spots, can be mitigated through crisis management strategies. We’ll discuss the benefits of insurance coverage that provides essential consultant, medical and emergency travel assistance services; the impact of recent global events, such as the earthquake in Haiti and the political situation in Venezuela, on the security risk management of multinational companies; and how a company can ensure employees will have the resources available to be trained and well-versed to handle dangerous situations while overseas.

Denise Balan
Vice President
Crisis Management
Armand Gadoury
Managing Director
Clayton Consultants
Steve Robinson
Executive Vice President,
Special Contingency Risks

Global Risks, Local Impact: The View from Davos

Tuesday, April 27, 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Hosted by

The Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum is a leading barometer in the identification and assessment of major global risks and their economic impact. Developed in collaboration with Marsh, Citigroup, Swiss Re, Zurich Financial Services and the Wharton School Risk Center, this report examines both the long- and short-term implications of key global risks and recommends mitigation solutions.

Join Marsh and other report collaborators as we review the findings of the 2010 research, the need for strategic planning, and making the connection between global risks and firm-wide risk management. We will also consider the methodologies for evaluating and implementing the recommendations that will be central to the discussions among CEO’s at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Brian C. Elowe
Managing Director
Global Risk Management

John Merkovsky
Managing Director
Global Practice Leader
Marsh Risk Consulting 

Think Data, Think Action: Putting Data to Work to Lower Total Cost of Risk

Wednesday, April 28, 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Hosted by
In the “Information Age,” data is both available and abundant. But how do you put that data to work and determine which measures are critical to improve your company’s bottom line? How do you work with your internal and external partners– operations, safety, your broker, carrier, and vendors—to identify loss trends and make the changes to improve your safety and risk management program? This panel discussion will focus on how Brinker has developed and implemented a culturally sound program built on actuarial analytics, metrics, communication and action.

Join us as we discuss an integrated and strategic plan that includes pre- and post-loss activities, metrics and the proper balance of incentive and penalty to lower overall costs. The session will discuss critical success factors and provide practical suggestions for short and long-term solutions that you can implement within your company and with your external partners.

Greg Brisee
Operations Support Manager
Liberty Mutual
Steve DeVore
Senior Vice President
John Ledbetter
Senior Account Executive
Liberty Mutual-Major Accounts Division
Kim Sanders
Director, Risk Management
Brinker International, Inc.


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