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Why is RIMS offering an online event?
With today's available advanced technologies and the widespread availability of the Internet, there are really no barriers to offering valuable content globally.  It allows exhibitors and attendees who may not have participated in the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition to see the opportunities that RIMS can provide in terms of networking, education, and brand exposure.  In addition, RIMS is offering a cutting edge online platform to deliver our content to the risk management and insurance community. 

What is so cutting edge about a virtual conference?
RiskLive! eliminates the need for travel.  Attendees can attend live programming right from a desktop or laptop computer.  The new technology gives you the benefits of the networking and educational opportunities that the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition offers without having to leave the office.

What are the limitations to a virtual conference?
A downside to the virtual conference is the lack of face-to-face meeting opportunities.   But, it is a cost-effective and time-saving way to bring together attendees and exhibitors in the industry.   It’s the perfect complement to the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition as it enables exhibitors to present their products, learn about market needs, exchange virtual business cards and network with other industry professionals.

Will the event material be available after the live event?
RIMS will have the materials and exhibits available for registered attendees at no additional costs for two months following the closing date of the event.  This information will be available beginning Monday, November 17.

What do I need to do before I attend?
Attendance is free for RIMS members, non-members pay only $49!  So, register today!  Once registered, you will immediately receive an email confirmation with detailed instructions for installing the software and attending the event.  Attendees must create their avatar and spend some time navigating the virtual world by November 7th.  There will be scheduled training sessions before that date or you can explore the world on your own.  Registrants who have not done this by November 7 will not be able to participate in the conference.

What are the minimum requirements from my PC in order to participate in RiskLive!
In order to participate in RiskLive! you need to have the following minimum systems requirements:

You’re ready to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the risk management industry and RiskLive! RIMS Virtual Conference & Expo taking place on November 12-13 is the place to start. And to ensure an optimal educational experience, here are the technical requirements that you will need to install and run the VirtualU Conference program.   

**Note:  It is very important that you access the world from the computer and location you will use on the date of your session!  There are several things that can interfere with access and because you can access from one location it does not mean you will be able to from somewhere else.

You might need the help of your IT expert, or you can contact our Virtual Department at 800-679-3646.

Minimum System Requirements

           • Pentium CPU 300 Mhz or equivalent
           • 64MB Memory
           • Microsoft Windows (98, Me, NT4, 2000, or XP) DirectX 7 or later Windows Media Player 6.4 or later D3D video card with at least 8MB and the latest drivers

However, for the best possible experience in VirtualU we recommend the following:

           • Pentium III CPU 750 Mhz or better
           • 128MB Memory / 256MB Memory for XP
           • Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP
           • 500MB free disk space
           • DirectX 8.1 or later
           • Windows Media Player 9 or later
           • 3D accelerated video card with at least 16MB and the latest drivers

Software Requirements
In order to run in Direct3D accelerated mode, VirtualU requires at least DirectX 7.0 or later. If you do not have at least DirectX 7.0 on your computer and want to run in Direct3D mode, you should download and install the latest DirectX from Microsoft. OpenGL and software modes do not require DirectX. Good performance in Direct3D and OpenGL modes also requires that you have the latest drivers installed for your 3D video-card. See our video-troubleshooting page for help with video drivers.

Internet Connection
You must have an active connection to the Internet in order to access VirtualU.

Can I participate in the event with a PC which is behind our corporate firewall?

If you are running behind a firewall, VirtualU must be properly configured to run behind a firewall. Please review the firewall requirements here. 

Hard Disk Space
The initial install of VirtualU will take less than 5MB of space on your hard disk. However, as you travel in VirtualU, the objects you encounter are cached to disk for faster loading on your next visit. This can require a substantial amount of additional disk space. We recommend that you have at least 300MB free on your hard disk at all times for best performance.

Have technical questions?  Contact our Virtual Department at 800-679-3646.



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