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ERM Award of Distinction

The RIMS ERM Award of Distinction is intended to honor organizations that have created value through their ERM programs. In acknowledging the continuing evolution of risk management and advancing its mission, RIMS seeks to recognize and share best practices and success stories. The award is presented annually at the RIMS ERM Conference.

2013 Award Criteria

If you have a “value” story to tell, please take a few moments to share the value outcome you or your client has realized for the organization through its risk practices in 500 words or less.

Complete the following questions:


  1. Describe a situation and/or trend that the organization faced and explain how the ERM program was used to create and/or protect value for the organization. (300 words maximum)
  2. Detail the value outcome for the organization. (200 words maximum)


  1. Please provide an overview of your ERM program (You may attach an existing executive presentation or document, modified so that you can share). (300 words maximum)*
  2. Please provide a specific example or internal testimony of the value ERM added that wouldn’t have been done otherwise. (200 words maximum)*
  3. Supplemental materials that support the nomination.

Submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of ERM practitioners and academics. Awards will be presented at a luncheon at the RIMS ERM Conference on November 5, 2013.  Award winners will be asked to give a brief talk about the difference/value that ERM had made in their organizations.  The overall winner will be highlighted as a best practices case study in either a RIMS executive report or showcased in an article in Risk Management magazine.

Nomination Form  (right click to download)- Deadline for submissions is August 30, 2013.

Prior Winners

2012 — YMCA of Greater Toronto
Sysco Corporation - Honorable Mention

YMCA of Greater Toronto Wins the 2012 RIMS ERM Award of Distinction

2011 — Paychex
Goodwill Industries International - Honorable Mention

Paychex Wins the 2011 RIMS ERM Award of Distinction



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