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RIMS Brand


The RIMS brand

In 2011, RIMS launched a bold new look that highlights its commitment to an all-encompassing approach to risk. The new logo and tagline emphasizes the organization’s growth strategy and reflects RIMS’ aim to capture the evolving nature of risk management. RIMS’ focus includes strategic and enterprise risk management and, following that emphasis, the new branding speaks to strategy and integration.


An evolving discipline

The field of risk management emerged from the more traditional field of insurance management. The term risk management was adopted because the field has, and is continually growing to include, an exceptionally wide focus. Risk management responsibilities span from product liability, employment practices, environmental degradation, accounting compliance, offshore outsourcing, currency fluctuations, and electronic commerce, to name just a few of the many areas in which risk practitioners have a responsibility. In the 1980s and 1990s, risk management grew to become a vital part of organizational planning and strategy, and risk management became integrated with more and more company functions as the field evolved. Today, the role of risk management has increased to encompass large-scale, organization-wide programs, with an emphasis on enterprise risk management.


Our logo and tagline

RIMS’ new logo incorporates three stripes that represent its key areas of service to its members: resources, networking and education. More conceptually, the stripes also represent upward movement, symbolic of growth and action. They join together as they grow, demonstrating the integration of risk management within an enterprise and the effectiveness of collaboration.

RIMS’ commitment to being the preeminent professional asset for anyone with risk management responsibilities within an enterprise is the driver behind its new tagline, “the risk management society.” RIMS aims to provide the tools, resources, thought leadership and advocacy needed by professionals in today’s business climate, and its re-brand strategy reflects that end.


The RIMS brand: past, present and future

As RIMS enters this new era, it looks back on the history of its brand, from its founding, as the National Insurance Buyers Association in 1950, to the installment of the unicorn logo in 1975. A vastly different organization than when it began 60 years ago—in both mission and scope—RIMS has kept pace with the changing face of risk management and the global economy by evolving steadily throughout the years to become the most influential association for risk managers in the world—and its brand has always reflected that evolution.

Throughout the 1970s, RIMS was instrumental in developing and defining risk management as a discipline, and the success of this undertaking, as well as the corresponding branding, was evident in the discipline’s growing numbers. The 1980s saw RIMS break new ground by asserting itself as the voice of the commercial risk manager and expanding its international influence by co-sponsoring the first International Risk Management Conference in Monte Carlo.

The proliferation of the internet in the 1990s led to the launch of, which has been a forum for the RIMS brand to develop and thrive. The last 10 years, however, during which risk management has been thrust into center stage, have called for a change. The intent of the RIMS brand is to reflect the value of the products and services it offers, and a change was necessary to illustrate the evolving nature of RIMS’ offerings. In response to the discipline’s changing role, RIMS has stepped up to the proverbial plate by testifying before Congress, identifying new areas of interest in the discipline, creating inroads abroad and crafting the very definition of enterprise risk management. The new brand conveys this progressive nature of RIMS’ interactions with its members, and the industry as a whole.



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