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RIMS ON THE HILL: Lansing, Michigan 10/10/2011


On September 27, 2011, the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) held its RIMS on the Hill program in Lansing, Michigan. RIMS members throughout the State of Michigan attended the event that provided an opportunity for them to meet face-to-face with their local legislators and to discuss the most significant risk management issues affecting both the private and public sectors.

The meeting in Lansing focused on legislation to modernize the Michigan worker’s compensation system.  Prior to meeting their legislators, attendees were briefed on the workers compensation legislation and provided with a RIMS tutorial on how to lobby elected officials.

RIMS would like to acknowledge the following legislators who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this RIMS on the Hill program:

Sen. Glenn Anderson (D)

Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R)

Rep. Bob Constan (D)

Rep. Fred Durhal (D)

Rep. Douglas Geiss (D)

Sen. Vincent Gregory (D)

Rep. Kurt Heise (R)

Rep. Rudy Hobbs (D)

Sen. Hoon-Young Hopgood (D)

Sen. Tupac Hunter (D)

Sen. Roger Kahn (R)

Rep. Chuck Moss (R)

Rep. Stacy Erwin Oakes (D)

Sen. Randy Richardsville (R)

Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R)

Rep. John Walsh (R)

Sen. Coleman Young (D)

The expanded regional RIMS on the Hill events are part of a strategic initiative to expand the scope of RIMS’ foothold in legislative and regulatory matters. RIMS will continue to be a watchful advocate on the national front, but will also dedicate resources to its regional RIMS on the Hill events in coming years. For more information on RIMS legislative initiatives or to reach out to a member of Congress, visit



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