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Leadership Opportunities

Committee Operating Guidelines
Committee Types and Primary Objectives​
Committee Volunteer Form
Leadership Candidate Profile
Committee Chairs/Vice-Chairs Only

Purpose of Committees

Associations are built on a system of committee actions, linking the association with the attitudes and the real world of its members. Committees represent, involve, and serve members, as well as provide an important training ground for future leaders. Committees are an effective work force for the association -- they ensure group participation in problem solving and provide a forum for the many interests within the association.






1.    To provide optimum size of committees and councils for efficient and effective working groups.

2.    To provide opportunities for RIMS members to serve on RIMS committees.

3.     To solicit input and guidance from non-professional members as necessary to further RIMS goals and objectives.



The following procedures apply to all committees and councils established by the Board of Directors. They do not apply to the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, the Nominating and Governance Committee, or any other committee or council whose membership and responsibilities are set by the Society’s Constitution & Bylaws.




1.    Committee Structure

The Board of Directors shall appoint the chair and vice chair of each committee and council. The chair and vice chair shall serve a one-year term and their tenure as chair and vice chair, respectively, is limited to two years.


The committee or council chair, in consultation with the vice chair and the staff liaison, shall appoint the members of the committee or council. A committee or council may have up to 12 members.


Committee membership is reserved for professional members; provided, however, that non-professional members may be appointed to serve as non-voting committee advisors. Council membership is open to non-professional members and, as needed, to individuals who are not members of the Society; provided, however, that the council chair and vice chair must be professional members.


2.    Service on More Than One Committee

Serving on more than one RIMS standing committee simultaneously requires approval of the Board of Directors; provided, however, that members of RIMS Canada Council may sit on another RIMS standing committee or council simultaneously without prior approval.


3.    Board Member Service on Standing Committees/Councils

If a member of the RIMS Board of Directors wishes to simultaneously serve on a RIMS standing committee or council, such Board member must first obtain approval from the RIMS Board.


4.    Committee Tenure

Except for the Annual Conference Programming Committee and the Student Advisory Council (whose members’ terms begin on June 1 and end the following May 31), all committee and council appointments are for one year, commencing January 1 and ending December 31.


A Member may not serve for more than three consecutive years on any one committee or council unless that member is appointed to serve as the vice chair or chair. As noted above, a member may serve an additional two years as vice chair and an additional two years as chair. 


5.    Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement of committee and council member expenses is outlined under RIMS Travel & Business Expenses Policy.  All committee and council members should be familiar with this policy before accepting a committee or council post.


6.    Exceptions

Requests for exceptions to any of the guidelines must be submitted, in writing, by the chair to the Society’s Secretary.​

Committee Member Position Description

Basic Function
Reports to the committee chair. Actively participates in the work of the committee; provides thoughtful and timely input to the deliberations of the committee; focuses on the best interests of the association and the committee rather than on personal or constituent interests; and works toward fulfilling the committee's goals.


  • Reviews all relevant material before committee meetings. Makes contributions and voices objective opinions on issues.
  • Attends committee meetings.
  • Carries out individual assignments made by the committee chair.
  • Represents the committee in meetings of other association groups as directed by the committee chair.
  • Promotes clarity within the committee on the committee's role and how it supports and fits within the interests of the association. 

Volunteer Selection
Committee Volunteer Forms received in the RIMS office are forwarded to the appropriate committee chair for review and consideration. The volunteer submission pages will be open on September 22nd and you are encouraged to submit by October 14th. The process of volunteer selection takes several weeks. Committee terms run from January 1 - December 31 of each year (with the exception of the Conference Programming Committee whose term is from June 1 - May 31st).



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