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Chapter Excellence Award


Chapter Excellence Award

Our task here is to take the previously used guidelines for the Chapter Excellence Award and 1) improve the submission and scoring process, 2) create an improved platform for chapters obtaining Sustained Achievement and Continuous development.  This award should provide a chapter a method of achieving Excellence no matter what the size and resources available.

Award Guidelines

1.   Chapter Excellence is based on Chapter Achievement Awards earned.  Chapters can earn more than one Achievement Award per year.

2.   Chapter Achievement Award cannot contribute to the Excellence Award submission in the same application year. All Achievement Awards used for the Excellence Award submission must have been earned in the preceding four year time span.

3.    A chapter will be eligible to apply for an Excellence Award when they have won Three Chapter Achievement Awards from Three different categories.

4     Evidence of Achievement Awards earned and used for the Excellence award can be provided with the submission.  The e-mail or notification from RIMS giving the Chapter the good news would be a good source. It is the Chapter’s responsibility to keep track of its awards won and provide evidence.

5.   Use of Achievement Awards used can be “rolling” – for example- a Chapter earns Achievement awards in year 1, 2, and 3 and applies for Excellence Award in Year 4 – but also earns an Achievement Award in Year 4.  In year 5 they can apply for an Excellence Award for Years 2, 3, and 4.  As long as Excellence Award is not awarded for the same 3 Achievement Awards in more than one year and guidelines for bullets 3 and 4 above are maintained.

Chapter Excellence Award Submission

Excellence Award Submission should be provided in essay form with appropriate backup documentation (backup documentation is limited by file sizes determined by RIMS Technology).  All documentation must be labeled and referenced within the submission.

Please describe in detail: (Please limit your response to 500 words)

·      Provide the following for each Achievement Award that is used to be eligible for this Excellence submission.

o   In what Category was the Achievement Award earned.

o   What year was it awarded

o   How has your chapter sustained or improved the activity.

o   Please provide backup documentation for the Achievement Award and sustained process.

·      Please describe how your Chapter has changed or grown as a result of the Achievement Awards earned, how your chapter has sustained that success, and why your chapter should be considered for Excellence. (Please limit your response to 500 words)

Chapter Excellence Award Application

Download the RIMS Chapter Excellence Award Application



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