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Chapter Achievement Award

The Chapter Achievement Awards were created to highlight the achievements of chapters in the areas of Education, Organization, Communication and Community. 

Before getting started, please read carefully through the document below.  

How to Apply:

·         Click this link to apply: RIMS Chapter Achievement Award Application​

·         Select one category from the drop down menu (see Award Categories below for options):

o     Chapters ​may apply for more than one Achievement Award per year.

o    Chapters can apply for both an Achievement Award and Excellence Award in the same year; however an Achievement Award cannot contribute to the Excellence Award submission in the same application year.

Award Categories:

·        Education Achievement Award

o    Chapter Meetings

o    Special Chapter Events

o    Chapter Programming

o    Student Involvement

o    Professional Designations

o    Enterprise Risk Management

o    Regional Conference

o    Society Conference

        ·        Organization Achievement Award

o    Membership and Recruitment

o    Growth in Meeting Attendance

o    Legislative & Governmental

o    Chapter Planning

o    Chapter Networking

        ·         Communication Achievement Award

o    Websites

o    Newsletters

o    Public Relations

o    Social Media

       ·         Community Achievement Award

o    Community Social Connections

o    Charity – Risk Management Related

o    Charity – Community


Submission Requirements/Notes:

         Please make sure to read through the application guidelines before beginning to create your submission. All applications must be received not later than 5 pm (EST) on January 12, 2016;  late submissions will not be accepted and no additions or corrections to already submitted applications will be accepted after that time.  Please submit any questions to

Applications are limited to the equivalent of five (5) pages. 

Each question should be answered completely but be concise.  If you refer to documentation you are including, make sure to specify the reference for that documentation.

Application Questions:

1)     Provide a brief explanation of the achievement for which your chapter is applying for.

2)     State the goals that were set for this achievement.  Each goal should be clearly listed, substantive and coincide with the submission category.

3)     If these are not “New” goals, how were these goals different from those attempted in the past?  If the chapter noticed something wasn’t working in the past and made a change to better the chapter, discuss this here.

4)     Describe the process used to establish the goals.

5)     Describe each of the key processes, activities, and resources used to achieve these goals:

           a)     Describe each key process/activity/resource used to achieve the goals set forth.

           b)    Does the submission reflect the award category selected by the chapter?

           c)     If the process/activity/resource satisfied a need in the chapter – how was it identified?

6)     Describe how the chapter performed with regard to each of its goals (did the chapter exceed, meet, or fall short of the goals)

           a)     Was it a success?

           b)    How did the chapter evaluate success?

           c)     How did the chapter quantify success?

7)     Describe what the chapter learned from this undertaking, and how this will impact future endeavors.

8)     What processes have consistently, through experience or achievement, provided superior results that your chapter could share with other chapters?

Supporting Documentation:


·         All entries must reflect activities from January 1 - December 31, 2015. Activities prior or subsequent to these dates should not be included, and will not be considered.

·         Submissions should represent activities that are portable from chapter to chapter. The application should highlight best practices that can be shared and may be duplicated among other chapters.

·         By completing an award application, you agree to the submission becoming the property of RIMS, and that RIMS may post and/or publicize it in any media it determines, in its discretion, to be appropriate.

·         Changes to the submission (including award category) can be changed at any point up until the submission deadline on January 12, 2016 at 5pm ET, however you cannot make any changes to the supporting documentation.

·         Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be accepted or considered.

·         Before submitting your application, please review your supporting documentation to make sure it is relevant to the application and is concise.  Please label each attachment and make sure it is referenced in the submission.

·         To prevent losing your answers due to technical/computer problems, it is recommended that you prepare and save a draft of your submission in a word processing document before entering the information online.

o    Copy and paste your responses onto the o​nline submission form; and

o    Upload your supporting documentation (.pdf file no larger than 5MB)

o    If the chapter has trouble uploading documentation, please contact to obtain an email address to send the attachments.

·          Chapters can apply for more than one Achievement Award per year. 

·         Multiple award winners are anticipated and encouraged.  Chapters are not competing against other chapters. Awards will be given based on individual chapter achievement - measured against a specific award point threshold.

​ ​​​​



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