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  • Registration Information

    Speakers are encouraged to register for the Full Conference pass for US $500 (a savings of up to $800 off the advance rate). This pass will give you access to the entire conference (events, sessions, exhibit hall, breakfast/lunch) and to RIMS preferred housing. If you cancel your speaking engagement, RIMS will cancel your registration and your hotel room or you may contact the registration department and pay the difference in the registration rate. This rate is open to speakers and primary contacts.
    If you do not want to register for the full conference and would like to attend the day you are speaking, you can register for a Speaker One Day pass for US $250. This pass will give you access to sessions, exhibit hall, meals and events on the day of speaking. Note: You can only register for this rate on the day of your speaking engagement. This rate is open to speakers and the primary contacts.

    Speakers are not required to register for the conference. Non-registered speakers will be given a clear badge to only access rooms they are speaking in.

    Note: You will need your RIMS login and password. If you don't know your password, complete the "Forgotten your Password?" form to reset your password and have it sent to your email address. If you encounter any problems with your password, email for assistance.​


    12/3/18 - 5/1/19
    Full Conference Pass US $500
    One-Day Pass (only on speaking day) US $250
    Cancellation Fee (no refunds after 2/15/19) US $250



    Individual that oversee the session from acceptance to the time it is offered at the conference. This individual will work with their respective session manager (Annual Conference Programming Committee-ACPC) and speakers to meet all deadlines. *If there is a change in this role, please contact


    The Annual Conference Programming Committee Member (ACPC). This is the term used in the conference module platform. 60/75/90 minute sessions are assigned to a session manager.


    Term used in conference module system to distinguish the speaker and the risk manager on the panel.