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  • Registration Information


    You MUST assign your booth staff names in order to retrieve booth staff badges. All registration must be processed in the Exhibitor Service Center.  A login is required to access the exhibitor registration dashboard at the Exhibitor Services Center. If you don't know your password, the exhibiting company primary contact has access to retrieve the company's password by contacting Booth staff badges and Exhibitor Full Conference (ECOMP) allotment are based on booth size. You can refer to the Badge Allotment table below or login to your exhibitor registration dashboard to determine the number of alloted badges assigned to your company.

    To save money, assign your allotted badge online by April 26, 2019. Onsite fee begins April 27, 2019.

    Please read these instructions carefully to secure the appropriate badge for your staff.
    There will be no refunds for cancellations, unused badges or on-site purchases.


    12/3/18 - 4/26/19
    4/27/19 - 5/1/19

    Online Rates

    Booth Personnel within allotment $0 US $75
    Booth Personnel Additional Badge (over allotment) US $200 US $250
    Booth Personnel Substitution $0 US $50
    ECOMP Assignment $0 US $150
    ECOMP Substitution $0 US $150

    Fax / Email / Phone Rates *

    Booth Personnel within allotment US $25 US $75
    Booth Personnel Additional Badge (over allotment) US $225 US $250
    Booth Personnel Substitution US $25 US $50
    ECOMP Assignment US $25 US $150
    ECOMP Substitution US $25 US $150

    Additional Options (all non-refundable)

    Guest Registration
    (Available for ECOMPs Only, Limit 1)
    US $300 US $300
    Opening Reception Ticket
    (Available for ECOMPs Only, Limit 5)
    US $150 US $150
    CE/CPE Accreditation for RIMS members
    (ECOMPs only)
    US $100 US $100
    CE/CPE Accreditation for non-members
    (ECOMPs only)
    US $150 US $150
    Lost/Reprinted Badge N/A US $100
    *A USD $25 non-refundable service fee is added for phone, mail and faxed registrations. 


    ​Booth Size ​ECOMP*
    ​Booth Staff
    ​10x10 ​1 ​3
    ​​10x20 ​2 ​6
    ​​10x30 ​3 ​9
    ​​10x40 ​4 ​12
    ​​20x20 ​4 ​12
    ​​​20x30 ​6 ​18
    ​​​20x40 ​8 ​24
    ​​​20x50 ​10 ​30
    ​​​20x60 ​12 ​36
    ​​​20x70 ​14 ​42
    ​​​20x80 ​16 ​48

    *ECOMP = Exhibitor Full Conference Complimentary Registration


    Located in the Main Lobby at Boston Convention Center

    Saturday, April 27
    ​12:00pm – 5:00pm
    ​Sunday, April 28 ​10:00am – 6:30pm
    ​Monday, April 29 ​7:00 am – 5:00 pm
    ​Tuesday, April 30 ​8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    ​Wednesday, May 1 ​8:00 am – 3:00 pm


    • A US $25 service charge per badge will be added for all registration requests by phone, email and fax.
    • The exhibitor booth contact must add his/her name to the badge list if s/he will be staffing the booth.
    • ECOMP badge must be assigned to exhibiting company staff and may not be assigned to a client.
    • Exhibitor Complimentary Full Conference Registration (ECOMP) does not need booth staff badges.
    • No additional ECOMPs are sold, must register as an attendee at
    • Additional Booth Staff badges may be purchased. Refer to the registration rates below.
    • Please refer to Exhibitor Registration Policies and Procedure for information on registration changes, substitutions, entitlements and event tickets
    • Each exhibiting company is entitled to three booth staff badges and one (ECOMP) Exhibitor Complimentary Full Conference Registration for every 10x10 booth space.  

    To learn about badge types and access refer to Registration Categories At-a-Glance.​


    For additional information, please contact

    Local Toll Free: +1-866-538-3858 | For International Caller: +1-847-620-4473 | Fax: +1-847-277-7414​