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Registration and Cancellation Policies

  • Upon registering, RIMS will verify your membership status to ensure the correct registration fee is charged, regardless of the category you have selected.
  • The actual amount charged will be based on your membership category and any additional items you select on the date of registration.
  • Additional Professional Member discount submissions must meet the qualifying criteria or be charged the Full Conference fee.
  • To retain member pricing, membership dues must also be current and paid in full at the time of the conference to avoid paying a balance due prior to obtaining your badge.

Registration Deadlines

Advance Registration Rates: December 1, 2016 - February 17, 2017
Regular Registration Rates: February 18, 2017 - April 21, 2017
Onsite Registration Rates: April 22, 2017 - April 26, 2017

Deadline dates are based on Eastern Time Zone.

RIMS Registration Categories

Please review the registration categories page for complete details on each membership category.

Cancellations, Changes and Refunds

Requests for upgrades may be done online by editing your registration at
Requests for cancellations/refunds and registration downgrades must be submitted in writing by March 17, 2017, by emailing All requests are subject to a US $100 administrative fee. Refunds are not given after March 17, 2017, and RIMS will not reimburse you if you do not attend.

Please note: All administrative fees, additional registration items (such as the continuing education credit fee and the guest ticket fee[s]) and onsite registration fees are non-refundable.

Refund requests for payments made by check will be issued, less US $100 administrative fee, within 60 days following the conference.
Refund requests for payments made by credit card will be issued, less US $100 administrative fee, within 10 business days after confirmation of receiving the request.

RIMS reserves the right to cancel this conference if force majeure conditions warrant. In the event of such a cancellation, registration fees will be refunded. However, RIMS is not responsible for any travel or lodging expenses incurred due to cancellation of the conference. If for any reason you must cancel your conference registration, please remember to cancel your housing arrangements separately. RIMS is not responsible for hotel no-show fees or any travel or lodging expenses you might incur.


Requests to substitute or transfer your registration must be submitted in writing by April 14, 2017 by emailing All requests must be in writing on corporate stationery and are subject to a US $100 administrative fee. After April 14, 2017, requests to substitute or transfer your registration must be presented onsite at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and are subject to a US $150 administrative fee. 
All substitutions are subject to an administrative fee, plus any additional fees due to differences in the member type, e.g., transferring a member registration to a non-member registration. The individual submitting the substitution request is responsible for all financial obligations (any balance due) associated with that substitution.

Onsite Registration Policies and Procedures

RIMS accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard, cash, corporate/personal/travelers checks or money orders payable in US dollars drawn from a US bank for payment of registration fees.
Please note: Onsite registration fees are non-refundable.
Registration materials will be released only to the individual whose name appears on the badge. Photo identification (driver license or passport) or credit card will be required. Business cards are not an acceptable form of identification. Badges are non-transferable.

Badge Reprint

A US $100 non-refundable fee will be charged to replace a badge for any reason, including lost or stolen badges.

Attendee Housing Policies

View the Housing Policies for RIMS 2017​.

Hotel Reservations and Cancellation Policies

RIMS has negotiated special rates for attendees. Hotel accommodations are available exclusively to registered attendees until February 17, 2017 and will open to all interested parties after that date. You may secure your hotel reservation through March 24th however, availability will be limited.
After March 24, 2017 availability and pricing cannot be guaranteed.
Connections Housing Phone: +1-844-212-7467 (United States) or +1-404-842-0000 (International) Fax: +1-404-601-7442
Don’t be a no-show! Failure to arrive on a confirmed arrival date will result in forfeiture of one night’s room and tax and loss of your entire room reservation. If you need to cancel your hotel reservation, please contact Connections Housing at
A reservation will only be considered canceled with a cancellation number from Connections Housing or the hotel. Do not contact RIMS offices for hotel reservations or cancellations.

Payment Instructions

Phone, mail and faxed registrations will incur a US $15 non-refundable service fee and must include a valid credit card payment; notice to pay by check or bank transfer will not be processed. Faxed submissions are typically processed within 3-5 business days. RIMS reserves the right to charge the credit card for the actual amount due based on registration data and membership status regardless of what you have selected.
A US $15 non-refundable service fee is included per registrant in the registration fee listed in the registration form. To avoid the service fee, register online at Option to pay by check and bank transfer are available online. Please note: Registration is pending until payment is received.
Online Registrations completed with credit card payment are processed immediately. After April 14, 2017 RIMS cannot guarantee check and bank transfer payments will be processed prior to your arrival at RIMS 2017 and you may be asked to provide payment onsite.
All checks must be made payable to: Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
Check payments via regular mail must be sent to: 
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
P. O. Box 95000-2345
Philadelphia, PA 19195-2345
Check payments via express or overnight mail must be sent to: 
Image Remit, 205 North Center Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Attention: P.O.B. 95000-2345
Submissions by mail are typically processed within 10-15 business days. Payments that are not received and/or post-marked by February 17, 2017 will be subject to additional fees. RIMS is not responsible for delayed mail or incorrectly addressed correspondence. 

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are payable only in US dollars drawn from a US bank. Registrant is responsible for all bank charges, including a US $30 RIMS bank transfer fee, which must be added to the total amount transferred. The bank order must include the registrant name(s) and company. Please enclose a copy of your bank order with your registration form and fax both to +1-212-655-5927.

Please contact for wire transfer bank information.
RIMS Federal Tax ID# 13-1860397


Please register in advance for the sessions and special events that you wish to attend. Although sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis, completing your selections in advance helps RIMS assign each session a size-appropriate room to accommodate all interested participants. Changing your session selections may be done online by editing your registration at Login is required.
Offsite Sessions are for RIMS corporate members only; you must register and be confirmed before boarding the bus and are not first-come, first-served.

Continuing Education credits are offered in this program for a non-refundable application fee of US $100 for RIMS members and US $150 for non-members. This single fee covers all license types inclusively; you will not need a separate fee for each license. Session seating is not guaranteed, so please arrive early to your selected sessions. Details are available at​.


Only individuals registered and badged may attend conference events. Attendees must have appropriate badge to attend educational sessions, breakfasts and luncheons and to enter the Exhibit Hall. Individuals must be age 21+ in order to participate in the Annual Conference & Exhibition and attend all related events.
Opening Reception Event Ticket – US $125
You don’t have to be registered for the conference to mix and mingle with your industry peers. Each attendee is permitted to purchase up to 5 event tickets for colleagues to access the Opening Party. This ticket includes RIMS shuttle bus transportation between a RIMS hotel and the Meet 'n the Street Reception. This ticket does not include access to any other RIMS event. Access to Opening Reception is limited to people 21 years of age and older. (5 tickets limit per registrant)
Guest Registration – US $300
A guest is defined as a spouse, significant other, family member or friend whose occupation is unrelated to the risk and insurance management profession. A co-worker or associate within the profession is not eligible for guest registration. Guest registration includes RIMS shuttle bus transportation between a RIMS hotel and the Pennsylvania Convention Center, attendance at the Opening Reception, General Session and Opening Keynotes and Conference Finale and Closing Keynote. Guest registration does not include access to educational sessions, and thus guests are not eligible for continuing education credits, nor does the guest badge permit access to the exhibit hall. Please note: Guests of attendees will receive different badges from other participants. It is against RIMS policy to register someone in the guest category who does not meet with the aforementioned guest criteria. Access to RIMS events is limited to people 21 years of age and older. Guest Registration is limited to 1 and may be purchased by a full conference registrant only during the online registration process or through the Attendee Service Center.

RIMS Respects Your Privacy

Mailing List: RIMS provides the attendee mailing list to exhibitors for a one-time usage. If you wish to be excluded from the mailing list, check the respective box during the registration process.

Demographic and Contact Information

Your name, address, phone number, email address and individual and company demographic information, are stored in the bar code on your conference badge. If you allow an exhibitor to scan your badge, you will be releasing your information to that exhibitor. You should consider your name badge barcode as an electronic business card, enabling you to easily provide your information to an exhibitor if you choose to do so.

Video & Hybrid Events

Video taping and hybrid events (including webcams, webinars, streaming video content) are prohibited inside the convention center unless you have written permission from RIMS VP, Events & Education. In the event that RIMS authorizes video taping and use of equipment, videos may not be taken of any exhibitor booth or product other than that of your own company, except by approved press or the official videographer designated by RIMS.


Photographs may not be taken of any booth or product other than your own, except by the press or the official photographer designated by RIMS.

Photo/Video Release

By registering for the RIMS 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Philadelphia, you acknowledge and accept that photographs or video taken of you by the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) or its service providers, may be used for promotional materials of RIMS, including but not limited to use in annual reports, magazines, future conference programs or other promotional material, and on the Internet by RIMS and its service providers. RIMS reserves the right to publish the names of conference participants in production materials and on the Internet by RIMS and its service providers.

Badge Ethics, Counterfeiting & Theft

Only persons registered for this conference and wearing the proper badge will be admitted to education sessions, RIMS meal functions and receptions. For security and safety, badges must be worn at all times.

Anyone found to be counterfeiting, copying or sharing conference name badges, or using a guest badge when s/he is not eligible for a guest badge, may be subject to sanctions up to and including removal from the conference and revocation of RIMS membership.

Affiliate Events

As a supporter of RIMS and an official RIMS 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition delegate, you are encouraged not to attend outside, competitive events or business appointments that take you away from experiencing the education, networking and exhibit hall products available to you during official conference hours. Please note that RIMS Meetings and Events management does not permit outside parties or events that directly conflict with the Opening Reception (Sunday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm) and Opening Session and Keynotes (Monday, 7:30 am - 10:00 am). If you receive an invitation during one of these times, please notify RIMS immediately.