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Safety Tips

  • As in every major metropolitan city across the country, acts of crime do impact New Orleans. 

  • The CVB is working closely with city leaders and elected officials to provide overall security and enhanced police presence in the highly trafficked areas such as the French Quarter, Central Business District and Warehouse District, resulting in a safe environment for all of our visitors and employees.

  • Taskforces have been implemented and more officers have been redeployed to actively patrol, and have been successful in mitigating criminal activity and increasing the number of arrests.

  • Louisiana State Police have also had a presence in the city and will continue to support and supplement for major events as needed.

  • Most of the high profile incidents over the past six weeks were the results of crimes perpetrated by two groups of young men of four and nine persons. More than half have been arrested and the police are close on the others.

  • Additional steps have been taken to build a stronger police department with more rigorous standards and training for current and future recruiting classes.

  • Within 6-8 weeks, the NOLA Patrol program will launch, bringing in 50-60 additional trained personnel to be the eyes and ears on the ground in major tourist areas.  

  • Mayor Landrieu’s long-term strategy, NOLA for Life, aims to positively impact the lives of New Orleans’ youth and provide them with the guidance and mentoring to have a successful future, which will ultimately reduce crime.