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Speaker Video

Want to present to a packed room at RIMS '15? Us too! Let's work together to make that happen.

To help drive attendance for RIMS '15 and your session, we're launching a new speaker video overview program. All we need you to do is record a short (30-45 seconds) video that shares one or two take-aways from your presentation. That's it! You can record it from your office, home or even your local park (if it's warm enough where you are). 

​RIMS Video Instructions

We've designed the process to be easy and achievable with minimal effort and equipment/software requirements on your part. The entire process should take about 30 minutes.

Step 1: Select 1-2 slides to use in the video. Write a 45-second script, noting where the slides will be inserted.

Step 2: Find a nice background and record yourself reading the script.

Step 3: Send the video, slides, and any special instructions to RIMS to package for promotional marketing.

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1:

Pick a slide or two that you want to share with RIMS '15 attendees and prospects. What's the take-away from that slide? Write a short script that discusses that slide(s). The script should begin with "Hello, this is (your name, title). Here's a quick overview of my session, (session title)." Make a notation in the script so we know where to insert them.

The idea is not to go into extreme technical detail, but rather hit high points that show what is new, why it matters, and business/economic/customer satisfaction value.

Step 2:

Record video. If you're not familiar with recording video, here are a few tips:

  • Find a nice background such as a bookshelf in your office, view from your window, conference room, outside your building, etc.

  • Record a few seconds and review the result to ensure you're framed correctly. Also check the quality of the audio. Poor audio can result from using the laptop built-in microphone (it picks up the sound of the fan, harddrive, etc.), so if you hear noise in the audio after recording a few seconds, then use an external microphone or webcam with HD video and good quality mic built in.

  • Place your laptop up on a box or stack of books so the webcam is at your eye level. Or use an external webcam or your mobile phone on a tripod.  

  • If needed, create your own teleprompter by opening up a text editor (in Microsoft, the Notepad application), and using a very large font and small window size placed directly under your webcam on the screen. This is a free teleprompter software:

  • Most webcam applications will record in AVI format. Save the video file with your last name and one or two words about the content, e.g., Fox_ERM.avi or

Step 3:

Send the video, slides, and any special instructions to RIMS. You may upload the video to RIMS free with WeTransfer since the file will likely be too large to email.

Submitting a file through WeTransfer:

  1. Access

  2. Upload your file in the 'Add File' field

  3. Enter in the 'Friends email' field

  4. Include any special instructions in 'message' field

  5. Click 'transfer' to send your file


Please contact Robin Tallant at or 212-655-5911.

Thanks for your participation! We're looking forward to a fantastic RIMS '15. See you in New Orleans!​