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PowerPoint Template

Download the RIMS 2015 PowerPoint Template​

RIMS has designed a PowerPoint template with the 2015 Conference theme. We ask that you use the template in its entirety for your presentation and handouts. If you wish to add your company logo, feel free to do so but do not remove the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition logo.

The promotion or endorsement of particular products or companies is strictly prohibited. Business cards of session attendees may not be solicited and badges may not be scanned before or after the session. Providing memory sticks with company information is equivalent to solicitation.

If your PowerPoint require sound or have embedded video(s), contact

Please note that adult learning principles/best practices include the following recommendations for speakers/presenters using PowerPoint:

  • The use of images that evoke, inspire or compare to the educational points you are making will make for a much better presentation than large amounts of texts.
  • Limit amount of text on slides. Slides should complement the ideas that are being shared verbally by the speaker/presenter, not contain entire text of message being conveyed.
  • Reading slides is a death sentence for any session. Slides should be used to support the message/discussion points, not to deliver it in its entirety.


RIMS '15 attendees request handouts that offer tangible takeaways and resources specific to the session. Articles, references etc. should be uploaded in advance for attendees to use on handheld devices or print before departing for the Annual Conference.


RIMS '15