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Imagine yourself leading an interactive discussion that could shape the future of risk management. Imagine the exposure you would receive as a presenter at the world’s largest gathering of risk professionals. Sound interesting? We invite you to submit your RIMS ’14 program.

Submissions should focus on cutting-edge strategies and unique aspects of risk management that would be of interest to risk professionals managing both the strategic and everyday risks for their organizations. This year we have changed a few of the categories, and have included two new categories: Career Development and At the Forefront.


Topics should fall within one of the following categories and levels:

  • At the Forefront
  • Career Development
  • Claims Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Global Risk Management
  • Industry
  • Insurance and Contract Management
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Finance
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Talent Risk

For more information visit Topics of Interest by Category.


  • Foundational – Limited Experience: Presenting essential facts, standard or accepted practices, basic relationships. Material in your session is general enough to benefit anyone with an interest in the category.
  • Innovative – All Audiences: Highlighting newer, evolving practices, techniques and approaches within the topic. Material in your session is “new” enough to benefit attendees who have been working with the category topic and are looking to make their current practices more valuable to their organizations.
  • Masters Significant Experience: Delivering in-depth information, knowledge transfer, models on specific aspects of the topic area. Material in your session is targeted for attendees who have a more senior position within their organization and are already proficient with the category topic.
  • Visionary – Expert Experience: Future-focused, emerging trends, concepts and issues that may impact/involve the topic area. Material in your session is targeted for attendees with executive level experience, who may have responsibility for planning, strategic development and/or execution.

Presentation Length and Speaker Limitations

Sessions are 60 minutes with a maximum of two (2) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager). Learning Objective: Your audience should leave with new knowledge and skills.

Workshops/Industry Sessions are 120 minutes with a maximum of 4 speakers (inclusive of a risk manager). Learning Objective: Should be interactive and involve audience participation; audience should leave with new knowledge and skills.

Please note: Adding speakers/risk manager is optional at this time. If your session is accepted you will be given a deadline to add your speakers/risk manager. However, if your speakers are confirmed and you would like to add them now, please proceed. RIMS policy limits the number of speakers allowed from a company. Only one (1) representative from a company, including subsidiaries is permitted per session/workshop.


The following must be included in your submission:

Be specific and define the scope. Description should match title.

Who will it appeal to? Does your topic target the right audience?

What will the attendee take home or learn:
Give real world examples to implement in the job; perhaps have each speaker provide different viewpoints on the topic.

Additional Information

  • Be clear in your message. What do you want the audience to learn?
  • Grab attention. Does your title and description encourage attendees to participate in your session? What can you do to write a dynamic description? Would you attend the session based on the description?
  • Who is on the panel? The right mix of people, content and timing go a long way.
  • What level is the session? Does the description match the level? Be clear as to how the session/workshop meets the needs of the intended audience. For example: if submitting at a Master level is the information in-depth enough?
  • What additional information (attachments) can you provide in support of your submission? Consider providing a short bio of speakers or a list of publications written on the topic.

Limitation on Number of Submissions

A company may submit a maximum of 15 program submissions. Companies with subsidiaries operating in a companion business in the risk management sector will be allowed to submit a total of 25. Therefore, it is important that your submissions are explicit as to category, learning levels and takeaways. “Shotgun” approaches tend to be unsuccessful in the evaluation review.


All Program Submissions MUST be submitted electronically using the web-based submission form.

You must have a RIMS login and password before you can proceed to complete a submission.

Extended Deadline: Friday, August 23.

First Timer Users: If you don't have a RIMS account, you will need to create one. Make sure the email address you are entering is correct.

Returning Users: If you don't know your password, complete the “Forgotten your Password?" form to reset your password and have it sent to your email address. If you encounter any problems email Helpdesk@RIMS.org

We thank you for your submission(s). All topics are reviewed by the RIMS Annual Conference Programming Committee and/supporting RIMS Committees. The decisions are based exclusively on relevance to RIMS conference attendees. Preferential treatment will not be given to any applicant, regardless of their status as an exhibiting and/or sponsoring organization.

We appreciate your dedication to RIMS, the risk management community and to the advancement of risk management. Thank You.



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