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Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshops take place April 26-27 in the University of Colorado Denver.

Integrating Enterprise Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Align ERM with organizational strategic goals and objectives, and add value by exploiting the upside of risk.

In this workshop, you will learn the steps to conduct strategic risk and scenario planning to align risk management within your organization’s strategy and take your risk management program to the next level:

  • Analyze your organization’s vision and mission in a strategic context.
  • Create and capture strategic value using a SWOT analysis.
  • Rank external forces by relevance, importance and uncertainties to identify strategic risks.
  • Identify key uncertainties to drive scenario development.
  • Monitor and measure success, and assessing alternatives.

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Contractual Risk Transfer

This workshop will address commercial contracts and insurance policies as risk transfer vehicles relating to commercial insurance, insured agreements, indemnity agreements and captive insurance.

You’ll learn the skills needed to understand and draft a contract that effectively transfers risk while reducing your company’s exposure to loss:

  • Spot red flags when reviewing contracts to identify risk transfers between parties.
  • Draft a basic indemnity agreement that maximizes enforceability.
  • Apply alternative contract language to ensure appropriate risk transfer.
  • Effectively document claims to minimize loss exposure.
  • Develop and use subrogation strategies as a successful means of recovering loss.

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