Take Your Knowledge to New Heights

Keynote Speakers

General Session & Opening Keynote

Monday, April 28, 8:30 am—9:45 am
Doors open at 7:45 am. Breakfast service ends promptly at 8:30 am

Jordan Belfort, Motivational Speaker and Author

The Wolf of Wall Street
This is a story of redemption. Hear the personal story from the inspiration for the Martin Scorsese film, about Jordan Belfort’s rise and fall as a Wall Street icon. He’ll share the invaluable lessons from the mistakes he made and how he re-emerged as a globally recognized potent force behind extraordinary business success. Belfort will help you break the barriers holding you back from achieving success, and attain goals you never dreamed possible.





Awards Luncheon & Leadership Keynote

Monday, April 28, 12:15 pm—1:45 pm 

Bonnie St. John, Author, Olympic Medalist, Leadership Consultant

Normal is Overrated—Aim Higher!
Elite international Paralympic athletes achieve excellence when the circumstances are less than ideal—a perfect metaphor for today’s dynamic economic times. Disabled athletes—including wheelchair basketball players, blind runners and others—never expect things to be “normal.” Bonnie St. John’s story is proof that you can strive for excellence no matter what obstacles are thrown in your way. Hailed as “one of the five most inspiring women in America” by NBC Nightly News, St. John uses her unique experience as a one-legged ski champion, Rhodes Scholar and White House official to encourage audiences to aim higher and achieve extraordinary results.



Conference Finale

Wednesday, April 30, 3:15 pm—4:45 pm    

Ben Stein, Actor and Author

Meet Ben Stein
Drawing on his life experiences as a presidential speechwriter, a best-selling author, an economist, game show host and movie star, keynote speaker Ben Stein delivers presentations that are always entertaining, always informative, and always ripe with expertise on everything from the law to laughs. He's an audience favorite at any venue, a verified Renaissance man—Ben Stein is a man you want to meet.




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