Session Categories

No matter what your area of specialty, we have 120+ sessions for you to choose from and customize you’re education experience. Sessions cover 11 categories.

Claims Management (CLM)
The most up-to-date technology and procedures for managing the claims element

Employment Risks (EMP)
Risks associated with all areas of employment

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Identification and assessment of enterprise-wide risk

Finance (FIN)
Integrates the financial aspects of risk into risk management

Industry (IND)
Industry-specific information and hot topics

Insurance (INS)
Analysis of insurance contracts and coverage. Addresses specific types of coverage in detail

International (INT)
Analysis of exposures unique to multi-national companies and companies with some foreign exposure

Legal Legislation (LEG)
Incorporates aspects of the legal and regulatory environments into risk management

Loss Control (LCT)
Framework and techniques for reducing risk through mitigation programs

Risk Management (RMG)
Insights into and solutions for the identification, assessment and management of risk

Strategic Risk Management (SRM)
Concepts and analytic resources to enrich organizational strategic risk decisions

Translated Sessions
Bilingual programs in Japanese and Spanish



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