Housing Policies

Please note, our policies have changed.

  • You must be registered for RIMS ’13 before your hotel reservation can be confirmed. The six digit badge ID number is required to book a room. Hotel reservations are processed on a first received basis, and are confirmed based on hotel availability. 
  • If you elect to pay your RIMS registration fee by check or bank transfer, know that you will get an email confirmation, badge ID number, and the link to housing immediately, but your check must be received by February 22, 2013 to secure discounted rates and retain your reservation.
  • All attendee registrations must be active and paid in full at the start of the event or your hotel accommodations will be canceled. 
  • If you are registered and need to book your hotel room at a later date, please refer back to your Registration Confirmation email or contact Travel Planners, RIMS housing bureau, (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET) at:
  • Hotel reservation requests must be guaranteed with a valid credit card at the time of booking. Credit cards must be valid through April 2013.
  • Registering for 10 or more rooms, please contact Travel Planners directly for assistance. A paid-in-full registered attendee’s name and badge ID number must be provided for each room.  
  • Attendees are strongly encouraged to wait until after Monday, April 15th to contact their hotels to make changes or cancellations. 
  • Don’t be a no-show! If you don’t arrive on your scheduled date, the hotel will cancel your entire reservation and may not reinstate your reservation, even if you arrive the next day. You will be charged the penalty of the cost of one night's room and tax, regardless of whether or not the hotel reinstates your reservation.
  • The hotel cancellation policy will be strictly enforced. Please retain the cancellation confirmation from the RIMS Housing Bureau, or the cancellation number provided to you by the hotel, as this proof of cancellation will be required to dispute any credit card charges. 

Please note: if you cancel your registration for RIMS ’13, RIMS reserves the right to cancel your hotel accommodations.

These policies are subject to change without notice.



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