Conference Logo

Save this file, upload it to your website or communications pieces and get the word out about RIMS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition!





Usage Guidelines

Like all logos for any product or name, the RIMS 2012 logo also has usage standards. Below are “do” and “do not” guidelines.


1.    Use only the approved logo.

2.    Use only the colors provided.

3.    Use as provided.

4.    Use on any colored background.

5.    Leave space around the logo.


1.    Combine logo with other elements (i.e., replace color fill with pictures, incorporate other logos or words into the logo, etc.).

2.    Change logo colors.

3.    Change fonts.

4.    Move or alter type.

5.    Use drop shadow or other effect around logo.

6.    Remove or distort (i.e., squeeze or stretch) elements when using logo as an identification.