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RIMS ’14 Content Capture

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If you missed RIMS 2014 in Denver, we recorded select sessions. This package includes more than 60 hours of educational presentations.

Here’s the full list of sessions recorded at RIMS ’14.

• Stuff That Bugs Us: Litigation Do’s and Don'ts (CLM016)
• Math Matters! How Risk Professionals Should Use an Actuarial Report (RIF005)
• Shaking Up the Status Quo: Innovations in Risk Management (CAD007)
• How to Manage a Cyber Claim (CLM001)
• Working with Your Board to Improve Risk Management and Board Risk Oversight (ERM007)
• Reputation in a Crisis: A Risk Professional’s Role (SRM004)
• D&O Coverage Is Not Just for Ds and Os (ICM004)
• Selling Your Risk Management Program (CAD006)
• Workers? Compensation Predictive Modeling: The Crystal Ball Becomes Clearer (RIF010)
• Forging a Risk Management Career Path: How Industry Leaders Are Developed (CAD003)
• Minimizing Risk in the M&A Life Cycle (RIF006)
• Have the 2013 Changes to the ISO CGL Policy Put Your Company at Risk? (ICM012)
• Proactive Risk Management Ensures Survival During an OSHA Inspection (LGL002)
• A Maritime Insurance Problem: Choose the Correct Coverage and Remedy (ICM020)
• Travel Risk Solutions for a Dangerous World (GRM002)
• Into Africa: The Emerging Risks of the Next Business Frontier (GRM003)
• The Risky Business of Project Management (SRM005)
• Involving Your Captive in Multinational Programs (RIF004)
• Natural Disaster Risks: HR Preparedness and Continuity (TAL002)
• M&A Insurance: Forever Changing the Way Businesses are Bought and Sold (FOR013)
• Contingent Business Interruption Coverage: Global Supply Chain Failure and Disaster Protection (ICM009)
• Additional Insured Coverage and Contractual Indemnity (ICM008)
• A Company's Journey from Enterprise Risk Management to Strategic Risk Management (ERM003)
• Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When a Liability Claim Comes In (CLM004)
• What Your Senior Management Does Not Know About Risk Management (But Should) (LGL009)
• Emerging Risks: Newly Developing and Changing Risks with Catastrophic Consequences (ERM008)
• Understanding Your Culture’s Risk Appetite (SRM002)
• Drawing the Crooked Line Straight: Ethics in Risk Management (CAD001)
• Score! Culture and Compliance in Brazil: Latin America’s Hottest Market (GRM007)
• Fraud Risk Management: An Investigation and Antifraud Primer (CLM008)
• Protecting Your Brand and Reputation: Update on Insurance and Best Practices (ICM013)
• HOT TOPIC: How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Affect Your Employment Policies? (FOR001)
• The Affordable Care Act: Can Employers Afford It? (LGL007)
• Getting the Most Out of Your Environmental Coverage (ICM011)
• Cooperative Opioid Prescription Management Between a Payer and a PBM (CLM007)
• Construction Defect Claims: Don’t Let Your Money Fall Through the Cracks (CLM014)
• Terrorism Coverage: Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing (ICM014)
• Make Your TPA an MVP: Steps to Effectively Team Up with Your Casualty Claims (CLM002)
• It is Only a Number: Managing the Risks of a Graying Workforce (TAL005)
• Every Day Is a School Day: Tips for the New Risk Professional (CAD002)
• Global Product Liability: Coverages Worth Buying and Claims to Learn From (CLM009)
• Risk to Riches: Operating Your Captive as a Profit Center (RIF007)
• Understanding the Risk of Mobile Technology (RIC008)
• Managing the Risks of an Aging Workforce Population (RIC007)
• How Not to Be the “Last Man Standing” in a Lawsuit (LGL008)
• Building a Risk Portfolio Based on Monte Carlo Simulation (SRM007)
• Best Practices in Outcome-Based Workers? Compensation Litigation Management (CLM013)
• HOT TOPIC: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) (LGL011)
• Shaping Your Company’s Future with the SAFETY Act (FOR006)
• Code Red: Are You Prepared? (GRM001)
• Your Foreign-Born Workers': Essential Advice on Work Safety and Health (TAL007)
• High Fidelity! Corporate Theft and Recovery (RIC002)
• Is All Quiet on the Fiduciary Front? (ICM006)
• When Covered and Noncovered Losses Coincide (ICM018)



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