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Quality Program

RIMS Quality Program offers products and services that foster quality within the industry and raise awareness of the risk management profession. The Quality Advisory Council (QAC) selects projects in line with our mission to:

  1. Promote Professional Growth;
  2. Facilitate Quality in Risk Management;
  3. Recognize Innovation;
  4. Foster the Relationship Between the Risk Manager, Broker, and Underwriter.  

RIMS Quality Program tools are listed below:

RIMS Principles of Ethics for Risk Management Professionals are a set of seven guidelines to formally establish boundaries and elevate the risk management profession.

Ethics and the Risk Manager - A Day in Life is a case study intented to stimulate discussion around how to tackle ethical dilemmas that risk professionals commonly encouter on the job.

Risk Management Professional Growth Model: A roadmap to career success

The Risk Management Professional Growth Model is a matrix designed as a guideline to assist risk professionals in advancing professional skills and developing a career path. It presents a combination of vital communication, business and strategic management skills categorized into key areas of abilities and knowledge, skills and attributes, tools, and distinguishing features that help risk professionals at every career level - entry, intermediate, senior and executive level professionals – to become more efficient. The model may be utilized as a tool by risk managers and employers for career planning, career change, salary negotiation and performance evaluation.

Download the Risk Management Professional Growth Model tri-fold brochure in .pdf or view the tool in .html format.

See also the Risk Manager Core Competency Model.

Arthur Quern Quality Award

Established in 1998, the Arthur Quern Quality Award recognizes significant improvements in quality within the field of risk management.  This award acknowledges individuals and organizations that develop innovative products, processes, programs, systems, services or enterprise risk management solutions that serve to raise the quality of the industry. Consideration is given to innovative solutions that are specific, identifiable, measurable and transferable to others at no cost.

Quality Forum

In 2006, RIMS held its first Quality Forum with executives from the major brokerage firms, insurance companies, associations and its own leadership. A second Quality Forum was held in 2007 to discuss specific insurance timelines that can be met throughout the industry. In early 2008, RIMS hosted the third annual Quality Forum with a focus on quality on the part of the risk manager, as well as defining risk practitioner’s roles and responsibilities. In March 2009, the Forum focused on building relationships across the broker, carrier and risk management industry landscape. Today ongoing discussions continue with liaisons from the organizations of all involved.

In 2010, the agenda focused on ethics, and the development of RIMS Principles of Ethics for Risk Management Professionals.

RIMS held the first RIMS Canada Quality Forum event in November 2010 in Toronto. This gathering of RIMS leadership and senior executives from leading Canadian insurers and brokers focused primarily on promoting advancement of quality in the industry by effectively implementing three guiding principles: integrity, transparency, and a client-centric process.

Improve the Quality of your Business Relationships

Take your relationships with business partners in the risk management and commercial insurance industry to the next level.

The RIMS Quality Guidelines provide a framework to identify and measure the expectations between risk managers and service providers. These guidelines are essential in obtaining high-quality customer service in the insurance transaction process.


The guidelines provide you with a framework for developing service agreements and setting expectations with your Brokers, Underwriters. You can download the guidelines and edit them to create your own partner guidelines or reference them and choose what is important to you when outlining the performance expectations in your own service agreements.

Insurance Renewal Timelines

RIMS and many of the participants in the insurance placement process have agreed that the following timelines are manageable for the buyer to receive in hand an accurate, timely insurance policy.




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