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Why should you attend RIMS 2009?

Justify attending RIMS 2009 with these top 10 reasons!

As the current economic climate affects companies, some critical training and education budgets have been slashed or put on hold. Yet, the need for proper training, innovative tools and resources is greater now than ever before. At RIMS 2009 Annual Conference & Exhibition you will participate in the single most educational, informative conference for risk professionals. This is your chance to refresh your skill set, pick up new tips and techniques, and network with nearly 10,000 risk professionals. But just in case you need help justifying the value of attending RIMS to your management, here are the top reasons why you should register today:

  1. Top-notch education–With 120+ sessions, hot topic sessions, keynote presentations, a jam-packed Exhibit Hall and unique networking opportunities, RIMS 2009 has more new strategies, ideas and practical solutions in one place that you will find anywhere else!
  2. Keynote presentations–You’ll hear business visionaries share how to best utilize your resources in this time of financial uncertainty, enhance your leadership skills and align effective risk management with your organization’s business goals. Learn how to incorporate successful change management strategies into your risk policy, work in constantly evolving markets and structure your risk program to handle planned—and unplanned—challenges as they arise.
  3. Industry leaders–Solve today’s challenges with the help of top industry leaders. At RIMS 2009, world-class speakers will discuss techniques and best practices that will advance your understanding of risk management and help you maneuver your risk program past current and future obstacles. This is the knowledge that will ensure your organization’s stability and growth—especially in these demanding times!
  4. Save your company money!–Attend sessions that will save your company money, such as Ultrafine Print—How to Read an Insurance Policy; Learn How Your ERM Strategy Can Enhance Your Company's Value and Credit Rating; or Can Risk Management Services and Solutions Actually Improve Your Organization’s Finances? and take away cost-cutting strategies. Your registration will have paid for itself!
  5. Exhibit Hall–Walk through the Exhibit Hall to meet with service providers and discover thousands of ground-breaking resources, the latest innovations and breakthrough solutions. Hold on to those business cards—they will help you create innovative strategies and find new solutions when you need them.
  6. Networking–Navigate the twists and turns of developing a successful risk management program with nearly 10,000 leading risk professionals who will bring a fresh perspective to your risk program. We’ve got events such as a grand Opening Reception, keynote presentations, award receptions, Wednesday Night Spectacular and more for you to meet old friends and make new ones.
  7. Make a difference–Join your peers and give back to Orlando, our host city, or support the future of the risk management industry. Participate in RIMS Community Service Day or join us for a game of golf or hockey to benefit Spencer Educational Foundation.
  8. Global reach–Attendees from more than 50 countries will come together at RIMS 2009 to learn how to improve their risk program and operate efficiently and effectively in today’s global marketplace. Learn the challenges of doing business in China, balancing operational risks associated with global sourcing, tips for implementing a global risk program, and more! Attend one of the sessions offered in Spanish and Japanese for a truly global perspective. What’s more, you’ll find many multinational corporations and international organizations in the Exhibit Hall.
  9. Share your knowledge–Host an “everything I learned at RIMS 2009” information session for your coworkers and pass on the new tools and strategies that you acquired, as well as information on the new contacts and solution providers you met.
  10. It’s the premier industry conference–In terms of learning, networking, solution-sharing, peer exchange and connecting with service providers, RIMS 2009 is the only place where you can find it all. So, join us in Orlando, challenge your risk I.Q. and discover the path to a successful risk strategy!



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