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Membership Reports

RIMS has developed a series of "Simple" management tools, which will enable chapters to more effectively manage their members. These new management reports allow certain chapter officers to query the RIMS database to pull up-to-date information on their membership. It is important to remember that each member can login at any time to update their record and as a result, chapters who keep their own database of information may not have the most up-to-date records.

Using the following reports, chapters can download all the information contained in the RIMS database into a simple to use Excel format. Alternatively, you can use these tools to send your chapter a message such as a meeting notice or chapter update.

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New Members Chapters can run this report to identify all members who have recently joined RIMS and are attached to your chapter. This report is based on the "Join Date" which is the date the new member membership application was approved by the society.

Expired Members This report will produce a list of all members whose membership has expired in the past 30, 60 or 90 days. The report is based on the "Expired Date" which is the anniversary of when they joined. Members who have not renewed 90 days after their expiration date will be reverted to non-member status.
Expiring Members The Expiring Members report will produce a list of all members who are due to expire in the next 30, 60 or 90 days. The "Expired Date" is based on the anniversary of the date a member joined. Members will receive up to 3 invoices prior to their expiration date. Chapters should use this report to identify members who are about to expire to encourage them to renew their membership. Members can renew online by logging into the web site and clicking on MEMBERSHIP --> Membership Renewal.
All Members and Non-Members If you would like to send a message to your entire chapter, use this report and select Members, Associates, Non-Members and Prospect Members.

Occasionally, chapters may wish to notify RIMS staff of updates, which we are not aware of. If you wish to do this, please use the "All Members" report to download all of your chapter's member information into an excel spreadsheet and save the file as an Excel .xls file extension. Once you've done this, make any changes necessary and highlight them in red. If you wish to let us know of a specific issue with a member, simply add a comments column at the end of the spreadsheet and type in the information in the spreadsheet i.e. "Bob Smith has left Company xxx and is no longer eligible for membership. Please remove him from our chapter database." Once you have entered all the changes, please e-mail the spreadsheet to and someone from the Records Management Department will contact you once the changes have been made. This may take a few days depending on the time of year.

To make the most of the reports, which RIMS offers, try using the "Template Manager" to create a template of a letter you would typically send to your membership. The Template Manager works in a similar fashion to a Word mail merge, except that the merge will e-mail instead of print letters etc.



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