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PowerPoint Template

Download the RIMS 2014 PowerPoint Template

RIMS has designed a PowerPoint template with the 2014 Conference theme. We ask that you use this template in its entirety for your presentation and handouts. If you wish to add your company logo, feel free to do so but do not remove the RIMS Conference logo.

  • Bullet point your key words
  • Do not use small fonts
  • Do not use acronyms
  • Keep as simple as possible
  • Always check grammar and spellings
  • PowerPoint should compliment your presentation, not take the place of it

The promotion or endorsement of particular products or companies is strictly prohibited. Business cards of session attendees may not be solicited and badges may not be scanned before or after the session. Providing memory sticks with company information is equivalent to solicitation.

Seven Steps to Better Presentations

  1. Maximize Your Eye Contact: Focus on one person at a time - about 5 seconds. Finish your thought, then move on to someone else. Eye contact is a significant skill to master. It allows you to connect on an emotional level with your audience.
  2. Don't Forget to Breathe: Breathing is the base for a relaxed, strong voice. If you hold your breath, you will sound nervous.
  3. Use Body Language Wisely: Balance your stance before you start talking, use gestures to emphasize key words and move with a purpose. Before you walk left or right, shift your focus to someone on that side of the room
  4. Conquer to Content: The more organized the information, the easier it is to deliver and understand. State your idea, support it with examples and summarize your main points.
  5. Control Questions and Answers: Select a questioner, but don't point. Look directly at the person and listen to the issue. Rephrase the question, addressing the group.
  6. Observe the Audience: Pay attention to their non-verbal clues.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice



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